Student Film Project | Los Angeles


Casting 2 roles for an L.A. student film at LACC. There is no pay.

We are looking for an actor who can perform Dr. HANNIBAL Lecter & an actress who can perform CLARICE (scenes from “THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS”).

Role Details
1. Dr. Hannibal Lecter
Lead / Male / Native American / 40 – 50 years
Description: Dr. Hannibal Lecter is a serial killer. He’s psycho, smart and dangerous doctor.
Wardrobe: prisoner.
2. Officer CLARICE
Lead / Female / Native American / 25 – 30 years
Description: The FBI (student) officer Clarice is brave and ambitious girl. She’s smart and willing to find out who is Hannibal and his serial murder cases.
Wardrobe: normal officer, long trouser, white shirt, black coat.

This is a Directing student project which is no pay. But the actors and actresses will have a chance to work with other projects from Cinema students and my other projects (check it out my site below)
You will perform in font of the Directing class, we will shoot the scene and playback to get comments from the class. Then, we will edit the scene and the scene will be screen again in font of the class.

Audition Date: on 29th Sep (Wed, 6pm-8pm) & 30th Sep (Thu, 10am – 12pm)
Audition LocationLACC – Communication Building -Room CC113
855 N Vermont, LA CA 90029

Performance Information: Date – 10/13/2010
Before the performance date, we will have 2 rehearsal days (4th Oct – Mon, 2pm-4pm; 5th Oct -Tue, 10am-12pm; Room CC210); and 1 technical rehearsal on 6th Oct (Wed, 6:45pm)
Shoot Location
LACC – Communication Building -Room CC113 – 855 N Vermont LA CA 90029

Project Synopsis
We will stage a interesting scene from “The silence of the lambs” in the Directing class, then playback and edit it become a perfect scene. The directing students will give comments to the actors. Then, after the editing, the scene will be screened in the class.

Project Notes
The good actors and actresses will have a chance to work with other projects of cinema students.

Casting contact:
Uyen Nguyen
Phone(323) 448-6867