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Cheezecake Boiz & The Diva
Casting notice posted on, casting location: New Orleans
Ingenious PR of NEW ORLEANS is hosting a
Casting Call for the Touring Musical Dramedy

The casting director of International Talent of Atlanta Denise Courseault along with Creator Towonda Kilpatrick is casting for ”Cheezecake Boiz & The Diva “. They are looking to cast three elements for the sassy Touring Musical Dramedy, Cheezecake Boiz & The Diva! This show is hilarious with sassy dancing, dashing trendy styles, infectious music and courageous dialogue. It’s an entertaining, theatrical musical show and much much more…
***The Diva role of Freda Edwards is not up for audition; it is held by a celebrity. ***
Four metro-sexual men who are singers, dancers, and actors are combined with two women and six dancers to tell this funny, condescending story about a Diva who dreams to perform on Broadway.
• Asian: Jango Van: 25-35 year-old is a high-spirited and over-the-top fashion designer who regularly attends every social event. He has skills to rebirth any woman into a “wow-factor”. Must sing with dance skills flexibility, and possess a sense of style.

• African-American: Davis Knight: 31-38 year-old is a producer who gets weary of hearing people say, “Behind every good man is a woman”. He believes he can create the next big thing. Must be able to sing well, have strong character, and a natural humorous side.

• Caucasian: Justin Dean: 28-35 year-old educated marketing genius with a dual personality. He is detailed and condescending about why divas think they can be a bitch and not be corrected. Must be able to sing well, have strong character, and a natural humorous side.

• Latino: Carter Reid: 30-40 year-old escort host. He’s very enchanting with his swagger but sensitive about nagging women. Must be able to sing well, have strong character, and a natural humorous side.

The Woman
This role will be open for a Latina, African-American or an Exotic ethnic look.
Lexi Montana: 30-40 year old original woman. A silent powerful woman has earned a reputation for being a song bird entertainer. Her grace, style, sophistication, and intelligence are what give her a fabulous way about her. Must be a great singer, actor. and dancer.
Each ethnicity will be expected to audition with your accents as written on the sides.

The Dancers/Singers: 21-31 years old
Three ultra glamorous divas…must be great dancers.
Three handsome boiz…must be great dancers.

Must do a one (1) minute dance routine to “Dancing in the Street”.
What to Bring to the Audition
Each person selects one (1) prepared song of these choices.
Males…Stand By Me by Ben King or Imagine by John Lennon
Females… Beautiful by Christine Aguilera or I’ll stand by you by Carrie Underwood. We will have someone there to play the sheet music for you. Also, bring your resume and headshots for the casting director!
Cheezecake Boiz Audition Location
The auditions will take place at Dancer’s Pointe 5101 West Esplanade Avenue Suite 12-13, Metairie, LA 70006 on Sunday, September 12, 2010 from 9a until 12 noon for Cheezecake Boiz/the woman and 2-5 for the dancers. Non-union productions.
To schedule an audition appointment, email the casting directors at
Sides for audition will be email when appointment is scheduled.

[email protected] and [email protected]


Premiere show opens in New Orleans and will be on tour in select cities.

Casting Location: New Orleans
Contact email: [email protected]