New Jersey Theater Auditions


Circle Players will be holding auditions for “Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure” by Steven Dietz, based on the original 1899 play by William Gillette and Arthur Conan Doyle. Audition dates are Sunday, December 12th at 7:00 PM, and Tuesday, December 14th at 7:00 PM at the theater, 416 Victoria Avenue, Piscataway, NJ. Callbacks, if needed, will take place the following Saturday, December 18th, during the day. Auditions will consist of readings from the script, and sides will be made available for perusal before all auditions. The production will be directed by Gordon Wiener of Martinsville and produced by Joseph Porter of Piscataway.

Performances will begin on Friday, February 25th and will end on the only matinee, the afternoon of Sunday, March 13th. Rehearsals will begin after the New Year.

Synopsis:The world’s greatest detective has seemingly reached the end of his remarkable career when a case presents itself that is too tempting to ignore: The King of Bohemia is about to be blackmailed by a notorious photograph, and the woman at the heart of this crime is the famous opera singer, Irene Adler. With his trusted companion, Doctor Watson, at his side, Sherlock Holmes pursues first the case, and then the affections of Miss Adler – and in doing so, marches right into the lair of his longtime adversary, that malevolent genius of crime: Professor Moriarty. In this spirited, fast-moving and thoroughly theatrical adaptation, Steven Dietz presents Holmes at the height of his powers – surrounded by all the elements that fans of his exploits have come to expect: danger, intrigue, wit, humor and surprise.

Character Breakdown:(all characters will speak with a middle-class British accent unless otherwise noted)

Sherlock Holmes – in his 40s or 50s
Dr. Watson – 50s to 60s
Professor Moriarty – 40s or older
The King of Bohemia – 30s or older, speaks with an Eastern European accent
Irene Adler, glamorous opera singer – 30s or older
James Larrabee / Godfrey Norton, criminal – 30s to 40s
Madge Larrabee, also a criminal, wife of James – 30s to 40s, British, but speaks with a French accent at times
Sid Prince – cockney, safe cracker, any age. This actor may double as: Clergyman, Policeman, Young Swiss man

Actors outside of the age ranges listed will be considered based on their ability to play younger or older, as the case may be. Any inquiries or requests for additional information should be directed to Gordon at