New York auditions for film

“MOBSTER-A Call for the New Order” Casting Call In LA and NYC
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Los Angeles, New York City

Eternal Mind Productions will be holding auditions in the cities of New York and Los Angeles on Oct 27th,28th,29th and 30th for its feature film “MOBSTER- A Call for the New Order”.

All the roles are Paid.

Auditions will be held for the following Roles:

Billy Marcello
Age 30-40
Plays an Undercover FBI agent. Jewish American Character.
Prefer the intensity and calmness of Al Pacino in God Father.

Age 20-25
Daughter of Italian Druglord
Good Looking, Sexy, Intelligent.
Secretive and Mysterious.

Age 22-30
All American Girl,
An Assassin.
Exotic, Good looking, Street Smart, Fighter.

Viktor Hoza
Age 45-60
Plays Russian Mafia Don.
Evil, Cruel Minded, Swift Executioner, Out of Box Thinking.

Age 25-35
Undercover FBI agent, friend of Billy, Covered with Tatoos, Italian American Character.
Intense, Abusive, Killer instincts, Sharp and Emotional.

Age 35-45
Sniper, Russian American, friend of Billy.
Calm Personality, Brutal Killer.

Age 30-40
Undercover FBI Agent
Evil Minded, Polish American Character, Need to have an accent.

Simone Dreger
Age 45-55
Head of Operations FBI
Straight Minded, Honest and the Justice Guy.
All American, For the Law.

Sammy Gonzalez
Age 50-60
Italian Mafia Boss
Tall, Tough Exterior and Good Screen Presence Mandatory.

Frank Luchesse
Age 30-45
Right Hand of Sammy
Heavy Built, Italian Character, Atleast 6 ft tall.

Abbou Karim
Age 35-45
Arabic Male Character. Humorous n witty.
Short and Healthy

James Dee
Age 50-65
Jewish American Character.
FBI Covert Operations Director
Medium Built, Good Screen Presence

Hector Doles
Age 45-60
FBI Director
Jewish American Character.
Good Screen Presence.

Age 30-35
Undercover FBI Agent
Palestinian American Character
Witty, Sharp and Easy Going.

Imran Zarr
Age 35-40
Lebanon Intelligence Officer
Arabic Character
Open Minded, Tough and Smart Officer.

Asian Male
Age 35-45
Athletic. Works as a chef in a Restaurant. Also an undercover informant.

Age 18-25
Irrfan’s Wife
Loving, Adorable and Charming Palestinian Girl.

Billy’s Wife
Age 25-30
Short Role
Dies Early, Loving, Romantic Italian American Wife.

Don Costella
Age 70-80
Short Role
Ex Italian Don, lost his killer instincts, serious and sober.

Age 40-45
Viktor Hoza’s Right hand man
Russian American, Ex Convict, Ex KGB, Serious, Strategy Planner.

Age 10-12
Sweet, loving, Bubbly Kid.

Female Reporter
Age 20-25
News Agency Reporter
Short Role

Age 30-35
Russian Mob Killer

Age 35-40
Russian Mob Killer, tall and fearsome.

25 Male Extras, Well Built, Playing characters of Russian & Italian Mafia. Age 25-45. Full Body Shots Mandatory.

10 Male Extras, Playing NYPD, FBI Agents/ Age 25-35.

1 Female Actress, Playing Bartender girl, age 18-25, Good Looking, Head Shots and Full Body Shots Mandatory.

1 Male Actor, Playing car driver, age 30-40 6 ft tall, Well Built, Full Body Shots Mandatory.

10 Female Extras, Playing Sexy Assistants who can also Kill for Italian and Russian mafia.

Note: Kindly send good headshots and Full Body Shots. Mandatory.

Casting Location: Los Angeles, New York City
Contact email: