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By | July 29, 2010

Do You Have Outrageous Symptoms That Ruin Your Life?

Do you twitch, stutter, panic, uncontrollably fall asleep, faint,
scream, cry, obsess, or eat inedible objects?
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Possible sources of your problems

Ptsd- Do you have past traumas that you can’t get over? In your past
is there war and violence that make you have fits, panic constantly so
they can’t get on your life, career, relationships?
Tourettes/ narcolepsy syndromes- Do you scream or fall asleep uncontrollably?
Fears- Driving, flying, crowds,
Compulsions- Is your Brain telling you to do something and you can’t
stop? Like PICA- Do you eat inedible objects?
Ever suffer from Hysterical blindess or Vertigo?

Ryan Seacrest is teaming up with world-renowned therapist Paul McKenna
to personally help people overcome their life-ruining problems.

Each episode features McKenna going into the homes of two ‘incurable’
people with different psychological and/or physical conditions while
cameras capture the drama as he works tirelessly and aggressively to
save their lives.

McKenna’s unique approach to personal transformation has already cured
millions of people, including Ellen Degeneres, Russell Brand, plus top
CEOs and royalty.

Acclaimed Executive Producer of Emmy-winning show “Intervention” Sam
Mettler will serve as Executive Producer, along with Ryan Seacrest and
Paul McKenna.

If you or someone you know lives in the Los Angeles area and has a
serious phobia, we may be able to help.

We hope to hear from you!
Please email us at: or call our hot line at: 818983 6198

Please a very detailed message of what your symptoms may be.