Sports Ring Models Wanted | Los Angeles

Major national Sports event seeks 6 “Female Sports Ring SpokesModels” for one year $40,000 tbd national contract.
Job starts in LA and then flying to various cities.
50 Appearances throughout the USA per year.
Contract for Pay Per View, Live Event Sports Arena, Web images and Calendar
This is a NON UNION job.

Annual Contract: $40,000 tbd, possibly higher.
Client pays Air fare, hotel, per diem

Models must be minimum 5’7 tall and up.
Models must have a Super-Cute, all natural, Apple Pie, Girl Next Door (but gorgeous) appeal. Kind of like a young Pam Anderson without makeup. ALL ETHNICITIES ENCOURAGED TO APPLY.

Client seeks models who do not display obvious tattoos. Client seeks models who are as close to ‘natural’ as possible (i.e. dont need excessive makeup to look good) and preferably non-augmented physique. HOWEVER, if the model has an augmented/enhanced chest it should not LOOK as if it were enhanced, but rather look natural.

The right models (client is choosing 6 of them) will not be the usual “Ring Girl” but will have an extra celebrity aura attached to them as they will be featured in Calendars for the Sport’s enthusiastic consumers as well as on the website for the sport.

Interested models must send pictures that show full physique (preferably in bikini). Models must not have cellulite and must be very fit. Please send a fair number of photos so that client can analyze from different angles. Please also be sure to include your contact phone and full name (our response to you may end up in your spam box and then your phone will be the only way to reach you.

Models must appear between the ages of 18 and 30.

Please dont just send your weblink. We won’t forward it to our clients who will make the choice. You must ALSO include jpg pictures and attachments or embedded in the email. Resume must be TEXT ONLY and INSIDE the actual email, NOT ATTACHMENT!!!
Please send jpg pictures to and title your
email “NATIONAL SPORT FEMALE SPOKESMODEL” (your name)(your city)(your phones)

It is CRUCIAL that you list your phone. Here is why: Sometimes we respond to models but OUR email ends up in the junk folder–result? Model never hears about the job until weeks later when she checks her junk folder. Please send a phone just in case!Otherwise check your junk folder, thats where our response will end up.

If your email bounces because your pictures are too large, just send an email asking for our email address with same title “NATIONAL SPORT FEMALE SPOKESMODEL” (your name)(your city)(your phones)

If you send your pictures in any kind of ZIP, tif, bmp, pps, MSWORD
format, your pictures will not be seen.


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