Student Film Auditions New York


This is a NYU Student Film, titled “Judith.”
I will have a couple of audition session on this Saturday 7:30-9:30PM and Sunday 12:00-3:00PM at NYU.
If you interested in the audition.

Please send me your head shot and resume to this email address:

At the audition, I will ask you read a monologue you prepare.

Below is the information of this project and synopsis and characters for casting;

Judith is an experimental film based on the Book of Judith in the Catholic Old Testament of the Bible.

Judith, a widow in the city Bethulia, is the heroine of the story. Bethulia is attacked by Assyrian army. The leader of Bethulia almost decids to surrender. Judith is only the person fighting against Assyrians. She goes to the camp of Assyrians alone. She charms Holofernes, the general of Assyrian army, and at night, only Judith and Holofernes are on his bed. Judith attracts Holofernes and they have sex. When they get orgasm, Judith cuts Holofernes’s head by a knife and kills Holofernes.

The film is shot by black and white 16mm film at the soundstage. The picture should be like high contrast black and white drawing. This film is an advanced version of an experimental film I made before, titled “Salome” (you can check Salome on the URL below).

1) Female / 25-30 Years. / Caucasian/ Nudity
JUDITH, a widow in the city Bethulia. She is the heroine of the story. She is only the person who fights against Assyrians.

2) Male / 25-30 Years. / Caucasian/ Nudity
HOLOFERNES, the general of Assyrian army. Strong and self-confident man. He is attracted by Judith

3) Male / 51-60 Years. / Caucasian
OZIAH, the governor of Bethulia. He decides to surrender after his city is totally surrounded by Assyrian armies.

4) Male / 25-30 Years. / Caucasian
HUSBAND of JUDITH, he is a worrier of Bethulia. He fought for his city and was killed by Assyria

5) Male / 31-40 Years. / Caucasian
CARMI, a man of Bethulia. He is discussing with and following Oziah.

6) Male / 31-40 Years. / Caucasian
CABRI, a man of Bethulia. He is discussing with and following Oziah.

7) Male / 25-30 Years. / Caucasian
Assyrian warrior.

8) Male / 25-30 Years. / Caucasian
Assyrian warrior.