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By | April 7, 2010

Mustache Madness is an 8 minute student film from a first year film student at Columbia College Chicago. It is a comedy.

Jeff doesn’t get the results he desires when he abuses a hair growth supplement to win over Emily, the girl of his dreams.

I promise this will be a fun project to work on. I have a great crew, and I am always open to collaboration and your artistic inputs.

Set shoot dates are 4/17, 4/24 and 4/25. Depending on the actors’ availability and necessity of it, other possible shoot dates are from 4/19-4/22. Shooting will take place at my house in Wicker Park, Division and Wood Streets, which is accessible at the Division blue line stop and is about a mile west of 90/94 on Division.

I am looking for a male aged from 22-25 to the play the lead role of Jeff. Actor must have short brown hair, be average size and weight (around 5’6′ and 5’7′ and more towards the scrawny side) and not overly handsome. However, above all else, he must have no facial hair. If you just naturally can’t grow any, or can shave to erase any and all traces of facial hair, perfect. Jeff lacks the confidence to interact with Emily, the girl of his dreams. He isn’t incredibly handsome or muscular, and is embarrassed by the fact he cannot grow facial hair. He feels a little less manly than everyone else. However, he gains a new-found confidence when he buys a beard and hair growth product.

I am looking for a female aged from 22-25 to play the role of Emily. Actress must be a bit taller with her weight corresponding to her height, (5’7′ to 6′), brunette with medium to long hair and a great smile to compliment her cute face. Emily is a sweet girl and Jeff’s neighbor/girl of his dreams. Unknown to Jeff, she has a crush on him, and excitedly accepts his request for a date before he abuses the hair growth supplement. Repulsed by the hilarious result of the supplement, she ultimately denies him the date because he was fine the way he was before.

Sorry, but since I am a poor college student, I cannot compensate you for your services. However, I will pay for food and transportation, and will give you a copy of the final product.

If interested, please fill out the provided form and send an e-mail to John at I will send you a copy of the screenplay and ask for a headshot before we set up an interview.

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