Tabathas Salon Takeover Open Call

Casting call for Tabatha’s Salon Takeover Season 3

Salon owners and patrons, come nominate your favorite salon for a makeover on the show


Salon Owners, this is your chance to have the tough and honest Tabatha Coffey come in, takeover, and help you get your salon back on track. Are you a salon owner who has always dreamed of having the most successful business in town? Is your salon ready for a stylish makeover?

If you feel helpless, powerless, or just exhausted…it’s time to take a step back and let Tabatha takeover!

Contact us, if you are energetic, passionate, and committed to taking your business to the next level!

To be considered or to nominate a salon, please go to

Our Casting Teams will be traveling to the following locations: Boston, Houston, The Tri-State Area, San Francisco, and The Greater Los Angeles Area. We encourage you to apply if you’re located near any of these cities.

Come visit us at Booth 532 if you’re interested in applying to be on the next season of “Tabatha’s Salon Takeover.”

McCormick Place 2301 S. Lake Shore
Chicago, IL. 60616

Show Hours:
Saturday, March 27, 11 am – 5 pm
Sunday, March 28, 9 am – 5 pm
Monday, March 29, 9 am – 4 pm

If you are not attending the open call you can still nominate any salon you want by visiting

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  1. Daniel Levy

    Hello I am in the Washington DC area, and the salon industry here is in need of major help, I am a salon owner and am crying out for help. I feel like I am drowning and in need of rescue. Its very hard to talk to anyone since its hard to trust people, but I am ready to face my reality and turn over my life. I have no idea if this will help but I have to knock on as many doors as possible, plz help.

  2. carlotta mason

    hello my name is Carlotta, I am part ownership of a salon/barbershop that needs attention! I always seem to use you as a threat to the salon. Most of the time I say things around the salon as if you were there. we are located in Central part of Illinois called Urbana town of the University of Illinois college. We really need a upgrade, we are located in a great area but very hard to find because we are hidden behind brick walls….there is no vision in invisible! please we need your help! I mean there is no one better than you to let the truth be TOLD! for more details, and I mean more details, I can be reached at 766-6042! please help me and thank you!

  3. William Paul

    My girlfriend, who owns her own shop now for almost 20 yrs need your help. we are stuck in the 70’s with everything, including design. She is a committed women to hair style. Please, we need some advise. Just outside of Chicago , Ill Crest hill, Ill My number is 815-482-4210 Thanks, Bill

  4. Cherin

    Hello my name is cherin, I have been a hair dresser for 7 years, now. I started working at a salon called Clippers Hair Design 3 months ago. I honestly love doing hair. Clippers has been open for 20 years it has not been updated at all. The owner Melba is a nail tech. I Really wish she would do something to the shop to make it more inviting. In all honesty if it wasn’t for the girls that work there I don’t think I could stand it. I have jumped from salon to salon and really was hoping to make this my home. I sincerely think if me and the other girls actually had the walk-ins we could do so great. Were located in c..c TX. I’m not sure if that is to far away or not but we would love for you to visit. Thank you . This salon seriously needs help.

  5. keila sone

    I work in east village NYC,our salon is total chaos…”manager is shy,push over 25 yrs old stylist that got on floor a year and half ago,but since she knows how to does payroll and they do pay her for it and also she takes all the new color clients for her self.Our boss are so cheap they pay the receptionist $60 per day,ofcourse she has no experince working in salon.They own 4 salon in NYC,but ours is the one they dont care about,we had to beg for 5 months for another color tray,we have no education system and our salon sales the most product and hair treatments services and they dont even say thanks,all the stylist do what they want,eat in from of the clients,we recently got 2 new stylist with their own clientele and the boss let them do whta ever because they’ll take their clients and leave,so they new crew scream,fights,makes fun of people and cares on on the salon floor,while the manager tries to tell us we can do any of that cause they are special and the boss said the rule dont apply tothem,but no one listen toher anyway,I stop work there 5 day a week and one work 4 now,cause so I can do editorials and not waste my time with drama beside they there too many stylist and not enough walk in clients,I also looking to renting a chair or open my own,the salon has only beenopen for year too. Bleu sur Bleu salon 35 E.8TH STREET NYC,NY10003.212-777-1837

  6. Bernie

    I have a friend who has a barber shop in the greater area of Los Angeles, Ca. It’s in dire need of a make over and help with finding barbers. It use to do well back 10 yrs ago with 12 barbers. The owner is going to have a heart attack one day with the total stress involve trying to keep this shop a float. He really needs some help and to bring some jobs back to his community that is suffering. I hope your show returns, because you have done wonderful work and I love your show tremendously. If your ever in the neighborhood please come by the shop called… No Color Lines Barber and Beauty Salon. You are invited so please come by one day. Thank you and hope to see you soon. 🙂

  7. Danielle

    Hi I’m danielle….. Just graduated beauty school and want to work in a small salon in yelm, wa. It NEEDS HELP. This salon had been in business for the last 6 years and the owner has said that she has NEVER taken home a pay check. The salon is messy needs to be totally redone but they owner says she can’t afford it. I wanna work here but want to be proud of where I work! Email me for more info at

  8. Inga Harden

    Tabatha, we need you!!! My name is Inga Harden and I am the owner/operator of Inga’s Lashes & More…HELP HELP HELP!!!!

  9. alicia mosley-thompson

    Hi, my name is Alicia Thompson. I am a manager in a family owned hair therapy center. Lajoyce’s has been established since the early 80’s. We have recently moved to Riverside, Ca . We also have geared our salon focua towards hairloss/ hair restoration. We are dealing with people who have lost their self esteem in a lt of ways. Being so, change is not always easy, when you deal with family it is enen harder. It would be our greatest honor to have Tabatha to come and help us get on the right track. Thank you for your time. ALICIA

  10. alicia mosley-thompson

    Hi,my name is Alicia Thompson. I am the manager of a Salon Therapy Center named Lajoyce’s Coiffures. We dedicate the bulk of our time seeking clients that are dealing with hairloss issues. Being that our clients come to us with self esteem issues



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