Teen Auditions for Feature Film | Texas

By | March 29, 2010

Casting a Independent HD Feature film to be shot in Texas starting June, 2010.
Production Company: Aaron Burns

Seeking teens and adults to play high school students for a film that will be shot this summer. Shooting schedule is 6 weeks and Shoot location is Austin, Texas

Roles are high school students with speaking roles. Other roles will be cast later on.

STEFAN – MALE – 17+ to play 18 – Blacktino Main Character. Half-Black, Half-Hispanic. Overweight and nerdy with a big afro. Actor doesn’t need to have an actual afro. Please submit heavy-set actors with light to dark brown skin. All ethnicities will be considered.

LAURA – FEMALE – 17+ to play 18 – Racially Ambiguous Stefan’s best friend. Short, outspoken, smart-ass. Curly hair and dresses in outlandish yet fashionable clothing. Seeking quirky fun actresses, whose ethnicity is hard to determine. Curly hair and freckles a plus.

MATT – MALE – 17+ to play 18 – Asian. He is a crippled Asian kid who dresses preppy, walks funny, and thinks he’s “The Man.” Matt has Muscular Dystrophy and has had a hard life of hospital visits and surgeries because of it. Actor doesn’t need to have Muscular Dystrophy to audition.

DONTRELL – MALE – 17+ to play 18 – Black Stefan’s only real friend and confidant among the black kids. Actor must be able to sing well.

STACY – FEMALE – 17+ to play 18 – White. Actress must be able to sing.

JEREMY – MALE – 17+ to play 18 – White. Effeminate guy with a pierced right ear, fohawk and a loud colored clothes. Actor must be able to dance.

ROSS – MALE – 17+ to play 18 – White. Ross is on the football team.

KASBAR – MALE – SUPPORTING 17+ to play 18 – Armenian Overweight, foreign looking. Speaks with a heavy, almost unintelligible accent. Actor must be able dance well.

JAMARCUS – MALE – 17+ to play 18 – Black Dontrell’s sidekick. He’s small and has a funny high pitched voice.

BRETT – MALE – 17+ to play 18 – Any Ethnicity. A goofy looking dude with a shag haircut and backwards cap.

MEREDITH – FEMALE – 17+ to play 18 – White Redhead. Super slutty. Stacy’s best frienemy. She’s Stacy’s uglier friend who’s always tagging along.

Auditions will be held throughout the month of April in Austin, Texas.

Email headshot and resume to Angela Burns at blacktinocasting@gmail.com. Include the character you are submitting for in the subject.

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