The Biggest Loser Casting Trainers | Los Angeles

Reality TV Casting for fitness experts and trainers

Looking for Men and Women 28-35 years old. All ethnicities.

We want the All American trainer who can do it all and is successful with taking weight off OBESE contestants!

Ideally you are a certified trainer for a minimum of 5+ years. You have a success with taking weight off obese clients. You have an incredible amount of passion for training and you can have a tv presence! ONLY SERIOUS TRAINERS APPLY!

Please email me back the following answers to, so we can get the ball rolling!

Do you have your PT Certification?
Years as a PT:
Why you think you’d be the perfect trainer for a Major Weight Loss show ( Be Descriptive)

Also, Please attach several pictures of yourself and any Video, Bio, etc… The more we know about you the better! If you don’t already have any video training clips you can send, I need you to make us a short video.
Introduce yourself: Name, age, how long you’ve been training, why you love training, etc…

Why would you make a great trainer for a weight loss show? Then we need to get some insight into you training/teaching techniques…so film yourself training or teaching a class/group preferred, but individual ok. We want to see YOU’RE style and energy.

Remember, this is for a TV show, so look nice and make sure your personality shines…whatever it may be.

*Ideally, it would be great if you can upload the video to a hosting site and email the link.

Thank you!!!