UK Auditions – BBC Casting “Diagnosis”


UK Casting TV Show – Are you suffering from a mystery health condition?

Have you seen your doctor about a medical problem but still haven’t got to the bottom of what’s wrong with you? Have you been told that it might be a number of different things? Have you tried a variety of treatments but nothing has worked?

Are you confused, frustrated, worried and still unwell? Is your condition affecting your confidence, your appearance or your emotional well-being? Do you want to get the correct diagnosis and a proper treatment plan put in place so that you finally get better?

We are producing a new health show and we’re looking for patients who have failed to find success through prior consultations or procedures and are still suffering from a health problem which has yet to be correctly diagnosed or treated.

If you’d like a consultation, advice and treatment from some of the UK’s leading medical specialists, then get in touch.

Your condition will be treated by professionals and your involvement will raise awareness about your illness, helping other sufferers to seek the treatment they need.

Diagnosis is produced for the BBC by Maverick Television.
To apply

Please send or email us a detailed description of your health problem and what has happened to you so far – both in terms of consultations and treatment. Also include your name, age, address, photos of your condition, plus a daytime and evening phone number we can contact you on.

Phone: 020 7874 6660
Standard geographic charges apply and calls may be included in your telecoms provider’s call package. Calls from mobiles may be higher.


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