UK Auditions | Child Actor needed for Student Film


We are first term students from the London Film School and are making a three minute, black and white silent film titled ‘INT. Kitchen’. We need a male child actor for the film.

A woman and her child have their first dinner after the loss of her late husband. Tensions arise as they deal with their grief.

Male – between the ages of 7-12. Should have a general sense of comic timing, can cry on cue, and is distinctive in appearance. May be required to improvise a little with an older actress.

Details of Auditions:
Place: London Film School
24 Shelton Street
London WC2H 9UB
(Nearest Tube Station: Convent Garden)
Dates and Time: Between 23rd and 26th February. Once the responses come in, we will give each one of them a convenient appointment date and time.

We are running on a very tight budget and will not be able to pay the actor. We believe that working on this film will be a very good experience for the child since most of us have already worked in the film industry in our respective countries and are therefore familiar with industry standard practices.

The format maybe black and white silent but we consider this to be more of an advantage since it will make us concentrate even more on the subtleties of visual storytelling. It will be an excellent learning experience for both the crew and actors. The director, Karim Higazy, wishes to make the film in a highly stylized manner and will ask the actors to improvise during rehearsals.

Director: Karim Higazy

Producer: Auguste Rahmberg
Contact No.- 07528773598

Assistant Director: Debjita Dhar
Contact No.- 07517853389

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