Vegas Bachelorette Pary documentary-style series on A&E

Seeking a group of ladies who are planning on visiting Las Vegas for their Bachelorette Party for a new documentary-style series on A&E. Are you and your girlfriends planning the ultimate last ladies night? Are wigs, stretch-limos, dancing, and bachelorette games on the agenda? If you and your ladies plan on showing the bride-to-be the night of her life Vegas Style, then we want to hear from you!

This new series features Bob Saget (Full House, America’s Funniest Home Videos) as he dives into the unique pool of cultures, lifestyles, practices, and people in America. He’ll take the audience on a fun, but informative, journey through a variety of worlds that they’ll learn about through his experiences. It will be an objective and entertaining look at interesting people, places, and things as only Bob sees it!

To submit for the show please email a brief bio about the bride-to-be, the ladies involved, and what you have planned for the bachelorette party. Please also include FULL contact information (name, phone number(s), city, as well as current photos of the ladies taking part in the festivities!

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