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Casting Gay, Lesbian and transgender people nationwide

“End Of The Rainbow” DOCUMENTARY CASTING CURRENTLY SEEKING- Senior and elderly Gay, Lesbian and transgendered people. We are interested in interviewing subjects with interesting life stories and perspectives regarding their communities history and current situation in aging; politically, emotionally and physically. We seek to tell not only a historical story of what it was like… Read More »

Casting a Reality True Blood – ‘Young Bloods’

Young Bloods Now Casting Award winning production company Mystic Art is now producing a brand new docu-series about the real vampire culture. Think Reality True Blood…. Nationwide casting call for men and women 18 to 25 who are part of a unique vampire community. Seeking interesting and fascinating stories and unique individuals who want to… Read More »

Casting Latino Families | Chicago

Casting REAL Latino Families for Web Video Casting notice posted on, casting location: Chicago We are looking for Latino families to be in a webisode for American Family Insurance to be broadcast on the internet. WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR ACTORS, rather we need REAL families who are living and working in the Chicago… Read More »

Casting Documentary “My Daughter Is Having a Baby”

Casting a new documentary series – Los Angeles castings and Philadelphia. Are you the mother of a teenage daughter who is pregnant? Casting is beginning in Philadelphia and Los Angeles for a new documentary television series about pregnant teenagers as told through the eyes of their mothers. Please send an email with names, contact information,… Read More »

Casting Pilot | New York

CASTING FOR PILOT EPISODE….. DOCUMENTARY STYLE TV SERIES Casting call for: Actors, Models, Musicians, Filmmakers, Dancers (all types), Broadway, Painters, Fashion designers… ALL ARTIST Botch Studios Productions is shooting the pilot episode for a new series/show. Each episode will highlight 4 people in the Arts & entertainment industry, actors, dancers all are welcome, more information… Read More »

Casting Documentary Series about People who can’t stop shopping and spending

New Cable Network Series about spending addiction and shopaholics is holding casting calls for the new TV series. Seeking people in their mid-twenties to mid forties who can admit they have an issue with excessive spending and are willing to talk about it on camera. The show is seeking individuals who answer yes to many… Read More »

Documentary style series for a national network is seeking an actress

A documentary style series for a national network is seeking an actress or model, under 40, to participate in a date scene this upcoming Friday. The filming will take place on one of the days between March 17th-19th. If you are interested in participating please send a head shot or current photo to the included… Read More »

Casting for a Cable TV Home Series

Looking for builder-family or team of cool builders/remodelers whose trials and challenges are the stuff of a weekly cable TV series. You can be a father-son or brother-brother or brothers-sisters company—or just talented friends– that tackles large and small remodeling jobs, new homes, multifamily, anything. We’re looking for larger than life personalities, extraverted attractive professionals… Read More »

Casting Pilot for True-Crime Documentary

Casting a pilot for a new documentary style crime drama type series in Tennessee. This is for a certain episode and actors must match the look, height, age and weight of actual people from the story, so please read descriptions before responding. Must fit these body-type criteria: Woman: White 30-33 yrs. old Long, light blonde… Read More »