World’s Strictest Parents Seeking Parents

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  • Post last modified:11/29/2010

Family Tryouts for TV Show

Are you the best parents in the world? Do you have great rules and do you want to show off your parenting skills on television? The show “World’s Strictest Parents” is now seeking families who would like to allow the show to place a teenager in your families home for upto a weeks time.

Show the world what real parenting is!


This is an opportunity for you to show other families how to raise their teenagers the right way.

Parents who with to apply to be on “World’s Strictest Parents” must download the application HERE.

Then, you may submit online CLICK HERE


mail the completed application to:
“Parents” New TV Show Casting
3800 Barham Boulevard, Suite 410
Los Angeles, CA 90068

If you have any questions you can email:

or call: 1-888-41-teens (1-888-418-3367)