Actors wanted Chicago – Film


Casting notice posted on, casting location: CHICAGO,IL
Screenwriter in chicago looking for a TEAM

Looking For:

Actors to Play: Keira (Puerto Rican) Shinichi Nickname: Shin & His little sister Miyuki (Japanese)


Camara Guy/Girl

Meeting Place

Car For Pickups (Picking up Everyone for Meetings)

The point of this project is your helping the ScreenWriter/Director Make a Movie. Your names will be credited. The more projects you do, will be shared on the internet. People see (Actors,Editor,Camara Guy/Girl) work. They’ll hire YOU GUYS for there stuff they’re working on. It’s like helping yourself spread everywhere. Also, if others Hire you, it could be a paid job. Work on Projects together. If you have something you wanna create, talk about it. And they’ll help you the best they can. Remember NO QUITTERS! (Serious Job if your out of luck in your Career).

Need Acting Jobs? Need Help on Being hire for more Filming, Acting,Editing?? Start on this Project! (Remember everything starts off slow)

Casting Location: CHICAGO,IL
Contact email:

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