Los Angeles student film “Lucidity”


Casting notice posted on auditionsfree.com, casting location: Los Angeles
This is a non-paying job for a student project in the Pasadena/LA area.
Production title: Lucidity
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent / student film
Project length: Short Film (10 minutes)
Project format: 16:9 HD
Production location: LA/Pasadena
Director: Mechi Lakatos
Producer: Alyssa Breda
Casting Director: Mechi Lakatos
Shooting Location: Greater LA area
Email: mechilakatos@me.com
Compensation: None

“Lucidity” is a film about Maeve, a seventeen-year-old girl who’s broken family has driven her to the point of suicide. During the course of the film she has to learn to let go, with help from her under-appreciated therapist, Thom, to the fantastic image she has of her absentee mother, Kris, in order to finally be able to be okay with herself. The film is very dialogue-based.

Seeking the following:
Supporting role. Dark haired, Eastern-European ethnicity preferred (but not necessary). Scott is Maeve’s father. He is a divorced, single parent. He means well but cannot seem to connect with his daughter or deal with her problems, and is constantly shipping her off to her therapist because he does not know what to do with her.

Supporting role. Any ethnicity. Thom is Maeve’s longtime therapist. Although she does not appreciate him, he is the only adult in her life who has constantly been available to support her and there to listen. Thom is the one who aids Maeve’s development and growth throughout the film.

Featured role. White, “blond hair with dark roots showing” type. Kris, Maeve’s mother, is a real personality. Outwardly, she is cheap and trashy, from her tight, unflattering clothing to the cigarette that dangles permanently from her lips. As a person, she is no better. Kris left her family when Maeve was young without so much as a warning. She is self-involved and has no grasp on reality. She has no regard for how her actions affect others and is the root of all of Maeve’s unhappiness.

KEY DATES (not set in stone)
Option A (preferable):
Week of June 20th-25th (in Pasadena)
If not, Option B:
Week of July 11th-15th (in Pasadena)

Shooting dates:
July 16th (Thom needed)
July 30th-31st (Scott and Kris needed)

THOM needed for one day of shooting
SCOTT needed for one day (plus a 2nd for a small cameo)
KRIS needed for one day of shooting
(Actors will need to provide their own transportation between locations)

Contact Mechi (mechilakatos@me.com) immediately for casting.
Please include headshot. Will email script for audition preparation.

Casting Location: Los Angeles
Contact email: mechilakatos@me.com

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