American Idol Pittsburgh Auditions

Pittsburgh – American Idol Tryouts 2012

Are you the next American Idol? Auditions for Idol are coming to Pittsburgh – the “City of Champions” – Season 11 of American Idol is set to air in January 2012 – Will the next American Idol come from Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is home to many winning sports teams. Will it be the home of the eleventh American Idol? Pittsburgh has a long tradition of jazz, blues, and bluegrass music, and it’s the birthplace of the first all African-American opera company in the United States. Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa’s current hit, “Black and Yellow,” is a tribute to his hometown’s colors.

Registration – Wednesday July 13 & Thursday July 14, 2011

Auditions – Friday, July 15, 2011

Heinz Field, North Shore

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