Are you a 30 something granny?


A cable show is now looking for ladies who may be too young to be grandmas. Are you in your 30’s and already being called grandma? Are you at an age where many are just becoming mothers and you are actually a grandmother? A Major Cable TV Network may want to hear from you and hear the story of your family.



The Casting Firm and a Major Cable Network are conducting a nationwide search for mothers in their 30’s. . ..who have a grandchild!

Seeking young grandmothers for a starring role in the brand new series “30 Something Grandmas”. The show will showcase the stories of extraordinary women whose lives have been changed by the unexpected arrival of a new family member and the even more surprising title of “Grandma”!

• Are you in your 30’s and your son or daughter is expecting a baby, or already has one?
• Is your teen son or daughter far too young to be having a child and making you a grandmother in your early thirties?
• Is your son or daughter and grandchild living at home with you, and how do you make your family dynamic work?

This is a chance to share your unique story with America! If you or someone you know would be a great fit, email The Casting Firm right away! Include family photos, names, ages, and let us know why you’d like to share your story.


Write “3O SOMETHING” in the subject line along with your Last Name, and City and State that you reside in. Please make sure to include a CONTACT NUMBER with your submission as well so we can follow up.

***Selected families will be compensated. All participants must be legal US residents.

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