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Dance Machine the Movie
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Nationwide
We are casting for the full feature film “DanceMachine!”. “Dance Machine” is being produced by Mark R. Harris whose credits, to name a few, include “Crash”, “The Black Donnellys,” and “Gods and Monsters.” Mr. Harris has developed a reputation for being a Hollywood innovator and has decided that instead of having the talent come to Hollywood, he wants Hollywood to come to the talent. “Not only will everyone have a fair and equal opportunity to showcase their talents and possibly land a role in DanceMachine!,” says Mark, “but also show the rest of the entertainment community what they can do.”

We are looking for:
Dancers & Choreographers
All types, all styles. Includes Dance Machine arcade dancers.
Primary Cast – teenagers. General cast – all ages. Breakdown & Actors sides may be found here.
All types, all styles of music. Performers, Composers, Groups/Bands.
All types, all styles of art. Anime, 3-D, Animation, Pop & Modern Art.

LOGLINE: Perry Chase falls in love with an enchanting Japanese girl who teaches him to dance like a pro for the upcoming Dance Machine competition, where Perry finds out that Tami’s not really who he thought she was… she’s not real at all.
ABBREVIATED SYNOPSIS: Perry Chase isn’t like most of the kids in his Senior literature class. He’s only a sophomore who takes a constant ribbing from senior jocks like Devon and Jason, especially when Perry’s favorite folk tale, myth or legend report introduces his class to a tale of Japanese lore. The girls, like cheerleader babe Lena, think Perry’s story is tragically beautiful, and Zoe, the other 16 year-old in the class, agrees it’s “not too shabby.” But, that’s Perry, a romantic at heart, who wonders out loud with pals MJ and Razmeek what it would be like to someday be with a beautiful girl… say someone like Lena. So, Perry, hard-working go-getter that he is, decides to ask Lena to the Harvest Moon Dance. Hey, she cried when he offered up his folk tale, she must have a sensitive spot. While Raz and Zoe watch, Lena and Devon make a fool of Perry, and he comes crashing back to reality.


Male, any race, must look 16, 17 years old. Perry’s very smart, a little shy, and clumsy, especially with girls. Over thinks everything, suffers from “analysis paralysis.”

Female, any race, must look 16, 17 years old. Zoe’s personality is a little dark, guarded, Goth, abrasive, underneath shy, not sure of herself.

Male, any race, must look 16, 17 years old. MJ is an uncoordinated, dapper dressing, neatnik with bleached hair. The king of cool or so he thinks.

Male, any race, must look 16, 17 years old. Pompous jock, a bully, loud.

Male, Hindi/Asian, must look 16, 17 years old. Razmeek, computer geek, walking encyclopedia, Very smart, to the point of being annoying.

Male, any race, must look 15, 16 years old. Leonard is a big guy, a little awkward.

Male, any race, must look 50, 60’s years old. Joe, a former professional Ballroom dancer now owns Joe’s Leaning Tower of Pizza. Joe has a gruff, tough guy exterior – what it takes to run a restaurant – but has a “fatherly” heart of gold. Never speaks about his “dance” history but he’s very proud of it.

Tami is Asian, late teens. Tami is a petite Asian “princess,” very sweet, yet mysterious.

Male, any race, must look late teens, early twenties. Topher is a little old for High School but he’s still there, still asleep in the back row. He’s a sort of throw-back to the 80’s, long hair, metal-head, dopey.

Female, any race, 30’s to 40’s. Cherri is Perry’s mom. Once vibrant and involved, Cherri has retreated to an online shopping world where she wheels and deals and imagines herself an internet mogul.

Male, any race, must look 16, 17 years old. Perry’s older brother. Tall, good looking, jock, tough guy. Always carries a ball. (Football, softball, baseball, etc.) Lives to humiliate Perry. He’s really jealous of Perry because Perry is so smart.

Female any race, High School Senior. Lena’s birth certificate may say she’s 17 but everything else about her says she’s 25. She knows how to turn a head and make the boys follow her every move.

Female any race must look 16, 17 years old. Part of Lena’s “Rat Pack” of High School cheerleader darlings. She’s the thinking, smartest of the group.

Male, any race, 60’s-70’s. Dooley’s a mess, really. Everything about and around him needs a haircut, shave, bath… Doesn’t say much but when he does it’s profound, philosophical. To him, old Detroit muscle cars are the highest form of art and his restorations a “mission from god.”

Male, any race, 30’s to 40’s. Coach Sparks is a diminutive, smiley man, dressed very 80’s, like he just stepped out of a Hughie Lewis and the News music video, carries a bullhorn everywhere.

Female, any race, 30’s to 70’s. Any physical appearance considered, what we need here is a friendly almost motherly, honest look with a good stage presence and genuine sincerity.

Male or female, any race, age range from 9-19. This character is a Dance Machine devotee who is an expert all levels of the Dance Machine. Knowledge and skill on the Dance Machine is a must.

Female, any race, late 20’s, earlier 30’s. Teacher “babe,” attractive, in touch with the kids, still connected.

Male, any race, 30-50 years old. He’s a Ryan Seacrest wannabe. Thinks he’s a big time DJ even though his only DJ job is working Quinceañeras and little kids birthday parties.

Male, Hispanic, 30’s, 40’s. Pepe, small stature, big smile, favorite with the ladies, can’t stay married. Works for Joe at the pizzeria, really knows his way around the kitchen and the ladies.

Female, any race, late 40’s, 50’s. Any build, size, shape. Mrs. Buckingham is the High School principal.

Male, any race, must look 16, 17 years old. Smaller build, friendly, easy going, big smiles, great dancer.

Male, any race, must look late teens, early 20’s. Quiet, thin, great dancer.

-Dance Machine Players
Male and female, any race, any “look,” High School student age.
-High School “Harvest Moon” (High School students at the dance)
Male and female, any race, any “look,” High School student age.
-Freestyle dancers
Male and female, any race, any look, any age.

Female, any race, any “look,” High School student age.
-Bands/Musical Acts to perform at the Harvest Moon Dance and throughout the movie.

-football players
Male, any race, any “look,” High School student age.
-High School students
Male and female, any race, any “look,” High School student age.
-Cafeteria staff
Male and female, any race, any look, any age.
-School staff
Male and female, any race, any look, any age.
Male and female, any race, any look, any age.
-Customers at the Pizza shop
Male and female, any race, any look, any age.
-Mall customers
-Male and female, any race, any look, any age.

Online Auditions are now being accepted on for all ages and areas including dancers, actors, musicians, and artists. Potential cast members are encouraged to submit auditions and samples of their talent for consideration for the 3D movie, “DanceMachine!” All auditions will be reviewed and evaluated by a member of the “DanceMachine! Production staff. Many participants will be “called back” to appear in person before the Producers of “DanceMachine!” If you are invited for a “callback” iDanceMachine will pay travel and lodging expenses to our studios in Los Angeles. Please visit our website to get more information and answer your questions. Feel free to contact us with any further questions or concerns.

Casting Location: Nationwide
Contact email:

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  1. Lauren Penner

    I sent an e-mail to and I would just love to audition for this movie. I love dancing and acting and being in front of the camera. I feel like I can fit any part I am given and would do anything to make sure it goes well. Tell me when and where and i`ll be there!


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