Auditions for “Grease” Illinois


Casting notice posted on, casting location: Naperville, IL
Auditions: May 10 and May 11 with callbacks if needed May 12th.
7pm – 10pm.

Dance and Vocal Auditions Prepare 32 bars of a song that shows your voice and have another song ready if asked. Those who can play the guitar are asked to bring the guitar to auditions. Please be ready to move for dance auditions.

Looking to cast 18 and up, but will audition all ages above 16.

The production is directed by Matt Whalen; choreographed by Shawn Quinlan; music/vocal directed by Erin Creighton. Connor Reylea is Dance Captain, Katy Hardiman is Tech/Set Director, and Mary Keenan is Costume Mistress.

Performances: July 8 – 10; July 15 – 17; and July 22 – 24. (there is a possibility the first weekend may move – but we will know in a few weeks). All performances will be held at Center Stage Theater – Naperville, IL

Please contact Producer Lynn Hodak at with any questions.


Cast Descriptions:

Character Descriptions for Grease

(Please note the ages are in actor’s look – not necessarily the actual age)

Danny Zuko: (tenor 18-25) The alpha male leader of the Burger Palace Boys. Good looking, masculine, strong, confident, Appears to be the epitome of cool, but nicer than he cares to admit. Excellent dancer.

Sandy Dumbrowski (soprano 18-25) Danny’s love interest and the new girl in town – sweet, wholesome, innocent, naïve, cute Sandra Dee type. Must be able to play sassy and sultry after her “transformation”.

Kenickie (baritone 18-25) Car-loving second-in-command of the burger palace boys. Tough, tattooed, and surly with an off-beat sense of humor. Has a fiery, yet unhealthy relationship with Rizzo.

Betty Rizzo (legit mezzo/alto 18-25) leader of the Pink Ladies. Tough, jaded, sarcastic, and outspoken, but shows a sensitive, vulnerable, heart buried underneath. Very passionate with unconventional good looks.

Frenchy (Soprano, 18-25) A dreamer. good-natured, but kind of a scatterbrain in need of a life coach. A character voice. Heavily made-up, fussy about her appearance, particularly, her hair. Hates school and can’t wait to finish so she can become a beautician.

Jan (Mezzo, 18-25) Energetic, bubbly compulsive eater. Good natured, very sweet and thoughtful – loud and pushy with the girls, but shy around boys.

Marty Maraschino (Alto/Mezzo 18-25) beautiful and obsessed with her “look” and accessories. Tries so hard to act older and sophisticated, but shows her real age when she opens her mouth. Values and is use to nice things and is in search of a mature man who can provide them for her.

Roger (High Tenor 18-25) Goofy, stocky, class clown type. Full of mischief and half-baked schemes. “King of the Mooners”, loves Jan, but has a hard time coming out and saying it.

Doody (High Tenor, 18-25) Youngest of the burger palace boys – small, boyish, and naive. Open, with a disarming smile and hero worshipping attitude toward the other guys. Very sweet and endearing. Ability to play the guitar a plus.

Sonny Latierri (Baritone or Tenor 18-25) Burger Palace boy who is completely obsessed with girls and the prospect of getting one. A wannabe tough guy who thinks he’s a real lady killer.

Eugene Florczyk (18-25 non solo singing will be part of chorus singing) The class valedictorian. Physically awkward with weak eyes and a high pitched voice. A nerdy apple polisher, smug and pompous, but completely trusting and gullible.

Patty Simcox (18-25. Non solo singing – will be part of chorus singing) A typical all American cheerleader. Attractive, athletic, sure of herself, enthusiastic, catty, is completely in her element at school. A snobby honor student who has a tendency to bursts of disconcerting enthusiasm.

Miss Lynch (adult. Non singing) A strict, demanding teacher who thinks she is pretty “hip” but definitely isn’t.

Vince Fontaine/Teen Angel (25-40) A typical “teen audience” radio personality. Slick, egotistical, fast talking. A veteran “greaser” dying to relive the glory days of High School. Will sing “Born to Hand Jive” and “Beauty School Dropout”

Cha Cha DiGreggorio (Dance role 18-25 – will be part of chorus singing) Kenickie’s blind date, who dances the Hand Jive with Danny. Sexy, feisty, and overly confident. Takes pride in being ‘the best dancer at St. Bernadette’s’.

Chorus: (18 – 30)
We plan on casting 3 men and 3 women for chorus roles

Casting Location: Naperville, IL
Contact email:

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