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Haven Hollow Films now casting short film “Dead on a Dime”. This film will be cast and shot in Las Vegas. There is a $100 stipend for each actor, copy, credit and meals.

SUMMARY: He set out to purchase what he was not man enough to get on his own, but paying for it does not mean you own it. This he learned the hard way. A frightening night where the bad guy may not be the guy at all. This is a horror film that will leave you wondering where good ends and evil begins.

Cinnamon (Lead)

Attractive female 18-29. Very athletic as she has a very heavy fight scene. Will be trained by 4th degree black belt, ranked number 1 in the world in 2000. Actress does do not have to have fight experience just the willingness to learn and the athletic ability to do it. Role is not race specific.

Amber: (Lead)

Attractive female 18-35. She is a prostitute with a great sense of humor. She is the close friend of Cinnamon and a lot more street smart than her. This role is not race specific. Although this character dresses sexy there is no nudity in this film.

Father Raymond: (Supporting)

Male 35-60. Should look wholesome, friendly, warm and compassionate. Must be physically fit as he ends up in a confrontation that requires moderate fighting. Training will be provided.

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