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audition notice posted by the Director/Producer
Casting notice posted on, casting location: New York, NY
“The Michales Are Out Of Control”

Tameka T. Bastien (Director/Producer) is casting “The Michales Are Out Of Control” A musical/play that will have you on your feet! Performances in the Summer, NY area. Dates & Locations TBD.

Seeking— Grandpa Michales: 70’s, African American, humorous, LEAD;
Terri Michaels: early 40’s, Caucasian, reasonable, LEAD;
Aunt Teasa: 50’s, African American, angry (must sing) LEAD;
Uncle Tommy: early 40’s, African American, humorous, (must sing), LEAD;
Aunt Brenda: late 30’s, African American, venerable, (must sing), LEAD;
Rush: early 30’s, African American, tall, smooth LEAD;
Summer: late 20’s, African American, Kind, LEAD;
Pastor James: mid 40’s, African American, kind and noble, (must sing), LEAD;
Keith: 17-20, any ethnicity, sneaky, (must sing), LEAD;
Gravy Waters: late 30’s early 40’s, African American, humorous, LEAD;
Kelly: 16-18, any ethnicity, (must sing), SUPPORTING ROLE;
Males and Females: 18+, any ethnicity, to play various characters, singers and dancers.

Auditions will be held by appt. To schedule an audition appt., send pix & résumés by May 1st to Attn: Theresa Bastien. No Pay, great exposure, prepare to cold read.

Casting Location: New York, NY
Contact email:

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