Auditions for Nickelodeon 2012

Nickelodeon is holding an open casting call for new talent.

The Nick Network is looking for teen girls and boys who look young enough to play middle school students.

Talented kids and their parents are invited to attend the event and be considered for roles in upcoming 2012 Nickelodeon shows!

Nickelodeon does not hold many open casting calls so this may be a great opportunity for you to be seen by the casting directors that are responsible for casting Nick shows.

The casting call for 2012 shows will be held in NYC this month during ActorsFest NYC.

Nickelodeon is holding a general casting call for various projects.

Nickelodeon Casting is seeking talent ages 13 to 17 years only, preferably within four hours of New York City. Boys & Girls, all types & ethnicities. All talent must play middle school through high-school age only. We are seeking comedic and out-going actors.

There is no charge to attend ActorsFest or audition for the Nickelodeon casting directors

Kids can not come alone. You must have a parent or guardian present in order to get into the Nickelodeon tryouts.

You must register to be able to audition for Nickelodeon, please go here
to register.

Event Date:

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Remember, you must pre-register.

Registered talent must check in at Nickelodeon Registration one hour prior to confirmed Nickelodeon Audition time slot.

The Nickelodeon tryouts will be held at:
Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W. 18th Street (between 6th and 7th Avenue), New York, NY 10011.

Please bring a headshot or picture that you can leave with casting directors along with a acting resume (if you have one). The resume should be stapled to the back of your headshot.

You will be given a short monologue to read. The scene will be given out to you at the event and you will have a little time to memorize your lines while you are waiting. The audition should last no more that a few minutes.

The casting call will be crowded and some people may not be seen due to time constraints. Please expect a long wait and plan accordingly. Bring snacks and drinks and wear comfortable shoes that you can stand in for some time.

Nickelodeon is committed to diverse, inclusive casting. Please submit qualified performers, without regard to disability, race, age, national origin, ethnic origin or any other basis prohibited by law unless otherwise specifically indicated.

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  1. Sarah

    I would love to sing, act, and dance, modeling too. I’m only 11 and I wish and hope you could find it within you to let me audition. Please notify me.

  2. Lizbeth mendez

    Hi there !
    My name is lizbeth i am16 years old. I love acting and singing. I like to dance. I never practice acting or dancing but my dream is to become an actress and singer and have the opportunity to be on victorious and I hope I can be what i dream.

  3. Blake Tenney

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I’ve wanted to be an actor forever!!!!! I love acting more than anything in the world!!! I can take the acting seriously or humorously what ever you want me to play I CAN PLAY IT!!! Im 13 years old and go to middle school Im 5ft 1 with blonde hair. My name is Blake and I will try out for any role that would fit me please contact me.

  4. guendi

    I live in LA! I go to a acting school and I really want to audition but its so far away! Are there going to be held more auditions of Nickelodeon!

  5. Savannah

    My name is savannah reitzell some people call (savage) so I’m African American and I’m 11 years old I’m 5’1 and I’m in 5th grade and my grades are amazing and im just a normal kid you dodnt have a lot cause my mom can afford it and if i got this my mom would defentielywoyld keep me grounded I was born on 12/15/00 I live in Santa Cruz california I love to sing and act and Ive always wanted to be on a hit show that all my friends would watch and be SUPER jealous and I’m not doing his to meet all the celebrities I not doing it for the money I’m doing it for the experiences and I would love if you could contact me or you can find my on Facebook please contact to let me know anything. Thank you

  6. Savannah

    My name is savannah reitzell and im eleven years old and i I sing and act and I’m amazing all my friends say and they all say you should try out for a show so here I am trying to see what happens I would love to be on a show of yours please and I’m not doing this for the money or celebrities I’m doing it for experience. I am looking forward to see if you reply in

  7. Jamie Foster

    Hi, my name is Jamie Foster(everybody calls me Nicole). I’m loving energetic and i love to act. I am 14 years old. I weigh 148. I’m 5’8″. I’m african american with brown eyes and brown hair. I live in Fort Wayne, IN. I was born in cincinnaaati, OH. I was born on September 3, 1997. My favorite color is black and blue. I am in the ninth grade. I’ve always wanted to act on a famous television show like How to Rock or ICarly but my wish has never came true yet.

  8. Bella Roligt

    Hi, My name is Bella Roligt, my birthday on 21/02/2000. I love acting, dance, swim, drawing, modeling, sing, joking and writing a songs:) I want to be an actor since 5 years old:) I know 4 languages: English, Russian, little bit of Arabic and little bit of Spanish:) i am in grade seven but i skipped grade 5 so, when i was I think 6-7 years old I danced, acted on TV, malls, and parks:)I would like to be any actor that will given a role but I know that it is actually impossible but anyway I believe in my wish and I know that in one day my wish will come true! Oh yeah here is other useful information:
    height: 159 cm
    age:11 years old
    weight: 33 kg
    shoe: 36
    hair: straight brown hair
    eyes: brown eyes

  9. Sarai

    I have auditioned for Americas got talent I have been singing and acting for well most Of my life and I’m seeking a show I can be on so I can live my dream.

  10. Te'a

    My name is Te’a Butler, pronounced Tia, and I’m 16. I love to sing, dance, model, and act. This would be a dream come true, the start of my career. I think I’d be a good choice because I am talented, dedicated, and a hard worker. I’m ready for it all! You can see how I look on my Youtube Channel.

  11. Lisa

    Hi my name is Lisa, I am 13 and I am in middle school. I live with my mother and brother. Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to act and I think this will be perfect for me since I am in middle school and this is asking for a kid that would look like a middle schooler. I am a begginer at acting but I am a fast learner and if I get to do this it will make my acting better. Pleae give me a try to accomplish my dream, and do this. I will be forever thankful to at least addition. Please email me if anyone thinks I might have a chance. This would be the best good I would ever have for the 10 years. Well, I think that’s it. Please email me and thank you.

  12. Zavier White

    I’m 17 and looking to start an Acting Career. I am shy but it’s going away, because I really am ready to Act and make people laugh. I am a very nice person to get along with and whatever you ask I will do, because it’s not about what I want it’s about what you want From the Character that I am.

  13. nikita

    Hello, My name is Nikita, i sadley am 12 years old and in grade.7 middle school…. i love to act im an amazing and out going girl !!! When i was about 6 or 7 i tryed of for a commercial in vancover the judges loved me ! but i did not loose my front teeth yet, and they did not want me on set with no front teeth .. that was back then and this is now πŸ˜‰ ! so i finally got my teeth when i was around 8 and since then i have been looking for jobs like this … ! so here is my time to get back in buisness and start to shine !!

  14. Kallie

    Hey is there a chance I can still audition? I been acting, singing, dancing (Irish and hip hop) for about 10 years now. I once auditioned for a commercial when I was 7 or 8. I knew I wasn’t ready for that so I didn’t try hard and let my sister try. Then now I know I’m ready to act. I been in plays for the past years at least 1 or 2 a year one from my school. I take acting classes there. I have dark strawberry blonde hair because no one can tell me it’s one or the other or coloring. I can get into great detail of my looks and acting, but I think it’s too late for you to let me know if I can audition. I hope I still have a chance. -Kallie

  15. Rachel

    I love acting,singing and dancing! I am 5ft1 I am AWESOME! I am really outgoing and I can go with the script and really feel whats happening.I live in Tn so I am a little country howdy ya’ll! Well I am very entertaining leave me by myself in a room and I would be having a talent show by myself.I love to jump around and run and be FREE! I am a really nice person I hate being mean! I am very loveable and I play the guitar,piano,and I can really sing. I always practice singing I am already practicing for next years talent show! I can act really serious too! I can keep a straight face and I win all staring contests! So ya I am weird but I can really act.

  16. Rachel

    I would love to be on nickelodeon! It is such an awesome network! I love all the shows on there and I would love to be a part of it! I have been acting since I was about 5 I love to act,sing,and dance I play piano and guitar and have a great sense of humor whatever you need in an actress is right here! I would love to be on nickelodeon it would be my absolute dream job and I can really act so please contact me by my email address thank you so much!

  17. Alexandre Bar

    My Name is Alexandre Bar i live in LA and wanted to know if there were any open calls in LA, im 17 and can sing, act, and am a professional Ballroom and Hip hop dancer!! ive wanted to audition for Nick for years and never found the opportunity if someone could please help it would mean the world to me. please watch me dance on youtube at Dancingduo77 if you are intrested please contact me at!!! im really looking forward from hearing from you!

  18. laniyah

    Contact me please 4075164140

  19. Alexis Brown

    is it too late to audition? i just started looking for auditions for my daughter. she can sing and act. she went to several acting activities and one acting school. she goes to auditions every time we have a chance. she’s 14, out-going and she is very bubbly/silly. please write back ASAP!

  20. Lisa and Valery

    Hello! My name is Lisa. I’m 14 years old girl who lives in Ukraine..I also have a best friend. Her name is Valery and she is 14 too.I’m not gonna tell you that we’re better then someone else becouse we’re not.We are just an ordinary girls who lives their dreams and likes singin and actin.We are very easy-going energy girls with good sense of humorIf you want to see how we look like write on my email and we’ll send u our photoes. So i just wanna say that we both want to be in ‘MTV Style Reality Show & Commercial”so so much.Pls help us to fulfill our dream of becoming the ones we want to be.Pls choose us.
    With best regards

  21. fatima

    can somebody please help! i want to audition but everytime i try to preregister, the page cant be found. can someone give me a link???? also i tried on actor fest and it said all time slots are sold out but i should still attend. if i do , will i still be able to audition? please help!

  22. Brianna Marange

    My name Is brianna And I love to act and i live down in Louisiana and i am so mad that the is so far away πŸ™ why does New York have to be so far away!:( i wish there was another way for me to audition for this πŸ™ </3

  23. tireek

    I love to rap, dance, and act. I have alot of experience

  24. Cody Rawluk

    Hi my name is Cody! I am 14 years old from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. I can act and sing. I’ve been in productions like, Fiddler on the Roof, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I am probably one of the most outgoing people I know. I’ve been involved in acting and singing for about 8 years and I’ve loved to do them my entire life. I hope that I am what your looking for and I will be the best I can be to do that . (I have brown hair and my eyes change colours πŸ™‚ )

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