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Seeking singers nationwide for Karaoke show

Do you live for Karaoke? Can you be the next Taylor Swift? ABC may launch a new reality show focusing on Karaoke and the competitions surrounding Karaoke. Do you have the voice to be crowned the new king or queen of Karaoke? You may be able to find out in a national championship and maybe even appear on ABC.

from kwcusa

ABC gave the green light for the new summer series to be shown in late August and early September. Everything is now on track to bring a great new show to ABC and bring karaoke to a new level never before imagined.

This will give karaoke singers across the country an opportunity like no other. And they can compete across the country at local venues or online.

ABC will tape the four regional competitions in June to be broadcast at the beginning of August through early September. The top regional competitors will advance to the national level with the possibility of a live broadcast of the finals from Las Vegas.
The United States has 15 million singers strong with tens of thousands of venues across the country. But only the best of the best will make it to the top of this year’s Karaoke World Championships USA.

State championships are held in May. Time is limited. All local qualifications must be completed by April 30th. State championships for all fifty states will be completed by the end of May. Then the regionals begin and the taping of the new reality series starts.
Singers can sign up and obtain more information at or call 866-610-7464 ext 900.

Join us this summer for the launch of ABC Television’s exciting new reality series profiling the biggest karaoke competition in America, Karaoke World Championships USA. ABC will bring you the amazing story of a competition that draws thousands of the most talented singers together in the ultimate sing-off.

It’s a battle of performances that will crown a new king and queen of karaoke.