Auditions for teens – NYC


Teens Willing to Perform Fighting Sequences for Student Film (submit by MARCH 2011)
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Bronx, New York

A friend and I are filming an action/super-hero based movie. For this casting call I need one actor that will be a main character (description below) and I will need many teenagers (MALE/FEMALE) that will basically be fighters, which means you need the physique and you will need to follow the choreographed fights. I will also need potential high school students. CONTACT AT BOTTOM

[BOBBY] – MALE, one of three lead roles, African American, age range: 15-17, is naturally smart, has electric powers, can build almost anything, and “smart-ass” type.

[TROUBLEMAKERS] – must be teens (15-18), tough looking, and able to follow choreographed fights.

To submit yourself e-mail me your headshot (does not need to be professional) and the role you are going at with subject “New Heroes.” You can also ask any questions. Check out my YouTube channel “comedykid0909” to see some of my early effects work, so you’ll have an idea of the movie.

Casting Location: Bronx, New York
Contact email: