Casting call for Dogs


Calling all extraordinary dogs!

Currently casting for an original web series about extraordinary dogs with awe-inspiring stories, that have not only impacted someone’s life for the better, but have accomplished an outstanding feat.

Do you know an extraordinary dog that has changed someone’s life? Have you heard of a military dog that jumps out of planes in covert missions? Or a therapy dog that can dial 9-1-1 for a disabled owner? Or a working police dog that saved its partner from the line of fire? If you or someone you know have amazing stories like this, we want to hear from you!
Please email your submissions to no later than Thursday, 9/1. In the subject line please include – Name and City – or you may be excluded from consideration.

What we need from you:
– Name (yours and dog’s)
– City and State
– Phone number
– A picture of you and the dog (2-3 if possible).
– A specific event/story about what makes your dog so extraordinary.

One thought on “Casting call for Dogs

  1. Wendy R Butcher

    I have two dogs mother and daughter, one is named Joyce and one is named Twink. They are both a terrier mix and they are adorable.


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