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Valentine’s Day Vignettes
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Los Angeles, CA

Pros and Cons Studios is shooting a sweetly cynical, comedic short film for Valentine’s Day and is looking for comedic actors of all ages and ethnicities, male and female.

The 2-minute short is a series of 16 individual vignettes of couples at the precise moment of their break-up — a moment stretched into super slow motion – in which we will travel through the scene witnessing the severity of the break-up and piecing together the cause.
For example: “An enraged woman throwing her drink, the liquid moving over the table, the unknowing man looking away, at the cute waitress passing by.”

The idea is to use the mix of a visually arresting images, an overly optimistic love song, and exaggerated comedic break-ups to create a sweet Valentine’s Day treat.

We’ll be shooting on Friday and Saturday Feb. 4th and 5th. This project only calls for an incredibly small and flexible time commitment. (approx. 90 mins for each cast member)

This should turn out to be a great little showcase piece. If you are intrigued by the challenge of performing an entire comedic scene in one second, you can shoot us an email at:
Please send your resume, headshots, and reel.
We will be setting up appointments for our casting call which will be held this Sunday, January 30.

Casting Location: Los Angeles, CA
Contact email: