Casting Day Time Talk Show | NYC

Casting Real People with big personalities and big problems…
National TV show looking for couples, friends or family members with great outrageous stories. Do you want help solving a BIG problem with your sibling, children, friend or partner. We want to hear from you. If you “say it like you mean it” and want to confront someone on national television, send an email and explain your side of the story. You and your friend/sibling/parent BOTH must be willing to come on the show together to talk it out.

Is there someone in your world who always starts trouble?
Is your friendship so hot and cold that you never know what to expect?
Do you know someone who has casual sex more often then they want to admit?
Do you have a house guest who just won’t move out? Are you upset because your mother or your mate’s mother won’t mind her business? Did you marry a “mama’s boy” hoping he’d change his ways?

We want to hear from you today!

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