Casting for Columbia College Pilot


Casting for Columbia College Pilot
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Columbia College Chicago
Looking to Cast the following Characters for a pilot to be filmed throughout the spring semester at Columbia college.

Abe Cranston – Looks Mid – late 20’s, tall, chubby and comfortable with mild adult situations, wants to be a comedian, tries to be funny but comes off as socially awkward

Madison Cranston – Looks Mid 20’s, attractive, nice, tries to see the good in everyone, knows Abe is a good guy and wants him to be more open with himself, similar character to the guidance councilor from Glee.

John Cranston – Looks Late 20’s, burly, attractive, deep/booming voice and presence in a room.

Rachel Wycoff – can pull off looking 12ish, tall, pudgy, short boyish hair, puts up a tough front but just wants to be accepted, nice but rough around the edges.

Andrew Gustafson – Looks late 20’s, glasses, mustache, average build, sort of like Matt Damon from The Informant, good-looking, former jock.

Mrs. Wycoff – Looks late 20s/early 30s, stern, slim build, brunette, attractive, only cares about appearance, shallow.

Receptionist – Looks late teens/early 20’s, attractive, slim build, cares about appearance, wants more out of life, bored with job.

Chief Evans – Looks Mid – Late 30;s, muscular, attractive, like George Clooney.

Doctor Abel – Looks Early – Mid 20’s, clean cut, attractive, looks like he could be on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, scholarly, wants the best for people.

Compensation: Pay

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Casting Location: Columbia College Chicago
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