Casting for Guerilla Feature

Casting for Guerilla Feature
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If you do not read the listing below and understand our filmmaking process then you won’t be considered. We are not seeking hecklers or anybody with too many demands. This project is for actors who are passionate about what they do, and want to build up their reel/earn credit.

Blvd. Du Cinema is now casting for a trilogy of loosely connected black and white guerilla films shot on a zero-budget. Director Mike Cuenca (Oblivion: The Series) is seeking to cast actors who are versatile and can appear in a cameo role in two of the films and then as a lead/supporting part in the other.

The first in the trilogy…Non Compos Mentis: or the Delusional Candor of Jerry Powell is a deadpan black comedy.

[FRITZ] Male, early 30s, 5’3 – 5’9. A dry / sarcastic. Jerry’s involuntary best mate. No one knows why Fritz is always around Jerry or what his real name is because that’s what Jerry always refers to him as. He’s a grumpy man, albeit quite at times unless provoked, who’s very straight-forward about things unlike Benzo (see below) who sugar-coats advice. Jerry is always beating on Fritz and also refers to him as a “Nazi Kraut” even though Fritz has no german ancestry in his bloodline. He accompanies Jerry on all of his adventures. Up until the bitter end.

[BENZO (aka Benny)] Male, 30s-40s, 5’9 – 6’4. Thick East Coast accent. Used to be a delivery man for Ariel until he started sleeping with her. He considers himself Jerry’s close friend and is constantly trying to pull Jerry out of whatever predicament he’s in. Seeing how he’s the voice of reason in Jerry’s life, Jerry has grown to distrust him because “no one can be that nice unless they’re getting something out of it”. Thing is, Jerry might just be right.

[ARIEL] Female, mid-30s to mid-40s. A no bull-shitter. She’s the one that gives Jerry his orders and manipulates others to do her bidding. She plants an idea in Donna’s head that sets off a series of events.

[DONNA] Female, late-20s to early 30s. The love of Jerry’s life, or so she thinks; he could care less about her. Donna has a chemical imbalance and relies on Jerry’s attention too much and when she doesn’t receive it, she’s willing to sell him out just so he can notice her. She has nervous ticks, is pushy in a “too sweet” way, and motherly; treats Jerry like an infant which drives him insane. She buys him a jacket that serves as the McGuffin to the entire story.

[MILK MAN] Male, 30s to 40s. A long-haired/bearded, slow-thinking, garment fetish pervert. He’s scraggly looking with yellow teeth and diverting eyes. He might even be on PCP. When Jerry meets him he keeps him around because he knows he can’t trust him. He will accompany Jerry and Fritz on the final delivery.

[JENN] Female, 30s to 40s. A sassy New York-raised fortune teller. She has a bit of an attitude about her and knows more about Jerry than anybody else. She’s always calling his bluff and receives a million calls a day from Donna asking her what Jerry could be thinking in X and X situation.

Smaller Roles

[MR. DEMILLE] Male, 50s to 70s. A flamboyant, brightly-colored con man loosely based off of Kenneth Anger and father of Ariel.

[RUDY] Male, 40s to 60s. A white trash mechanic/crook with Indian blood.

[JERRY’S FATHER] Male, 50s to 60s. Jerry’s New York-born, tough as nails father.

[THE MISTRESS] Female, 40s to 60s. Jerry’s father’s mistress.

[ZEPHORRA] Female, mid to late 20s. A fun, illusive videographer with relationship problems. This is a cameo role in “Jerry” but is the lead in the follow-up feature “Zephyre Antidote”.

[DARBY] Male, early to mid 20s. Zephorra’s boyfriend. This is a cameo role in “Jerry” but is the third largest role in the follow-up feature “Zephyr Antidote”.

[BOUNCER] Male, 30s to 40s. One line of dialogue.

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