Casting Kids 5 to 15 for Vampire Movie

By | October 12, 2011

Independent Child Vampire Film
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Colorado Springs
Independent filmmaker making debut with child-vampire movie. Not for faint of heart. Anyone 5-15 can audition. Send picture, past work experience, and November dates you are free. Job will be for 1 week in January. Pay will depend on experience and part played. Seven parts available. You may send any questions to This email is for this movie project only.

Casting Location: Colorado Springs
Contact email:

15 thoughts on “Casting Kids 5 to 15 for Vampire Movie

  1. Latavia

    I would love to be in one of these movies and tv shows.I often watch vampire shows and wish that i could be like that i can sing and dance fairly well and i will be turning 14 in 2months. I would really love the opportunity to be apart of something like this so please contact me through my email and let me know what you think

  2. chris gray

    hi im chris im 12 turning 13 in june. i want to be an actor. i was just in two plays recently. i have blond turning brown hair. i sing and perform. i’m funny and i want this job a lot so if you want me send me a email. im in middle school.

  3. Josephina

    Wow this sounds like a fantastic opportunity! I’m a female with blonde hair blue eyes, and 14 turning 15 in march

  4. Taje Jones

    Always wanted to be an actor.I have black hair and love vampires. I am 12 years old turning 13 in 3 weeks

  5. Hailey comet

    Hi im Hailey i am 14 i would love to be in this movie i have always wanted to act my cousin used to say i look like miley cyrus but i stop wishing and thinking that i would become famous like Selena Gomez but i know the only way to actually be an actress is to be out there so im commenting Ive been trying for months to get an auditions or be on a movie so please just give me a chance i hope you do well think about it if you do email me back thanks xx

  6. Claire

    Wait! I can do it! but im in indiana.m POO!!!!

  7. Claire

    Hi! I would be awsome for a singing part! but im 11 so poo. I have blue eyes meduim brown hair and an amazing singer. im not just one of those wanna be’s im gonna make it big. 🙂 My great uncle is Don Vontress, he wrote achey breaky heart for billy ray cyrus. 🙂 i didnt know till I was 9 or younger! Everyone says im an awsome singer at school. even the guy Im like!n If U want me 2 make it big subscribe and say: Me and Claire R gonna do it!

  8. Jenny

    Hey my name is Jenny and I’m 12 going on 13 in May. I have long brown hair and almond eyes. I have a Hispanic background. I can sing (pretty well) and dance (might need a little work). I have done about 8 plays in my life and have done pretty well at them. I’m in the 7th grade and I’ve been looking at auditions for over two years without successfully finding one that would fit my description. I’d be happy to work with you. Thank you for considering me (Possibly)

  9. Olayemi Odesanya

    Hi my name is Olayemi Odesanya, I don’t sing but I can dance. I am 13, I am African American. My eyes and hair is black. I speak alittle spanish. I did acting in school and stuff like that.Um…Thanks for reading and bye!

  10. nikita

    Hello, My name is Nikita, i sadley am 12 years old and in grade.7 middle school…. i love to act im an amazing and out going girl !!! When i was about 6 or 7 i tryed of for a commercial in vancover the judges loved me ! but i did not loose my front teeth yet, and they did not want me on set with no front teeth .. that was back then and this is now 😉 ! so i finally got my teeth when i was around 8 and since then i have been looking for jobs like this … ! so here is my time to get back in buisness and start to shine !!

  11. Cooper

    Hi I am 11 years old and really wanting to get into acting. i have brownish/blackish hair and love vampires. i tuen 12 in july

  12. Larissa Lynch

    Makes me mad that all these casting calls are way out on the other side of the country…I’m dying to be an actress. I sing and act good. I’m almost 13. I turn 13 in January.

  13. amber

    i want to be an actress bad ” am 12 almost 13 (in febuary) and i have brownish reddish hair

  14. Nickolas

    same with me but i am 11 years old and a blond hair male

  15. Abree Hopkins

    I want to start getting myself out there. I am 13, I turn 14 on Thanksgiving this year.


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