Casting Kids Nationwide

By | February 10, 2012

Taboo-Kids who like playing dead ages 5-20
Casting notice posted on, casting location: NATIONWIDE
Hello. I am a filmmaker/photograher. I am attempting to create an extremely large collection of pictures and videos of kids playing dead. I am looking for models for the pictures and actors for the videos. When applying, please state if you are auditioning for modeling or acting or both. The auditioning for models will consist of 10 pictures I will tell you to pose for. I am looking for 25 finalists who can pose for 100 pictures that will pay $2,500. The winner will come out to L.A. for the month of June and pose for every death way possible. It will pay$10,000. The auditioning for actors will consist of playing 5 death scenes I will explain to you. I am looking for 25 finalists that will make 10 short 5 minute films that will pay $2,500. The winner will come out to L.A. for the month of July and act out every form of death I can imagine. Pay will be $25,000. If you have questions I will answer them.

Casting Location: NATIONWIDE

13 thoughts on “Casting Kids Nationwide

  1. Jordan

    If this is still open, I would love to be a part of it. I’m Jordan Hart and I live in Florida. Please get back to me.

  2. Savanna

    Hey im very interested in this, im 15 years old and would be interested in acting. I love too act and love playing dead! Iv been acting my whole life and have been told i am very good!

  3. hela

    Iam 15 years old and I live in tunisia.
    Id really like to do this and take deadly pictures. 🙂

  4. Maria fernanda

    Well’ my names Maria Barahona
    Iam 15 years old and I live in las vegas.
    Id really like to do this and take deadly pictures.

  5. shane graham-bevis

    Hi I am Shane I am 14. I am a huge horror buff. I would be great at playing dead….. I have lots of acting experience. Thanks Shane

  6. Matthew Christian

    i would like to audition
    im 14 on march 20
    im taking theater class in middle school
    my name is Matthew

  7. Ally

    i can play dead quite well, if you’re still looking. But where would this all take place? And has anyone followed up on this? I don’t wanna get scammed

  8. Jailateef williams

    Hey i would love to play dead and all of yall that think it is a scam well it always good to try something but i am 13 years old and i talk to troubled teens about making the right decision i love play dead but if i get a chance to play and get paid for it, it will be better have a bless day

  9. Tori

    Has anyone actually followed up with this casting? Am wondering if it is a scam or not.

    1. free audition listings

      If you read it carefully you will see that this person says he is trying to get tons of pictures and the audition will consist of you sending 10 pictures in that you will NOT be paid for and he will use in some way. Just be careful. Do not allow any usage of your own photos (that you took) without payment, permission or a solid understanding of what they will be used for, by whom and for how long.

  10. Kayla

    I’m 14 and can play dead rather well. Where would these first auditions be and is there any type of dead style we should come prepared for such as a child murdered or a zombie? and also where will these photo’s go?

  11. kanani

    Are the pictures going to be bloody? Where will these photos and films end up? I have a 2yrs 8month old almost 3 yrs old kid who likes to act and can play dead. He has a skit were he’s on a horse then gets shots and rubbles to the floor.


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