Chicago | Amatuer Horror Film Cast Needed

Casting notice posted on, casting location: Chicago, IL
Looking for volunteer actors and actresses in IL (Kankakee, Will, and Cook counties would be best as most filming will take place in Kankakee but it depends on how far you want to travel).

Male (Colin)- NEED FIRST AND FOREMOST!!!!! 17-19 (Sixteen accepted in certain circumstances) Must be legally able to drive. -Guy next door kind of character, city kid, tech guy for two lead female characters.

Female (Hope)- 18-22 – Shallow pretty girl, girlfriend to another character (Clayton), for lack of better description – blonde (Does not literally have to be blonde and I apologize to any blondes this may offend. I myself am a blonde).

Female (Cori)- 14-16 – Tomboy sister to another character (Jack),

Extras- Ages flexible.

ALL ARE VOLUNTEER POSITIONS. NOT PAID. I apologize if this is a problem but we are working on little to no budget.

For more information on requirements, Character info, auditions, or anything else contact me at

Casting Location: Chicago, IL
Contact email:

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