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Sideline Confessions
Casting notice posted on auditionsfree.com, casting location: Dallas, TX
(CANDY BOUDREAUX) Lead, female, 30-35 years old, African American, 5”5’ – 5”8’, fair complexion, very sexy – she is a beautiful, gorgeous, independent and a successful business woman who has everything going for her.

(ERIC WHITAKER) Lead, male, 30-33 years old, African American, 6”3’, very athletic build – Eric, plays wide receiver and is strikingly handsome – he is very arrogant and egotistical, and extremely confident when it comes to women.

(EUNICE WHITAKER) female, 60-65, African American, attractive/older, she is Eric’s mother, a very mild-mannered, caring and sophisticated woman until you cross her and her son.

(DAVID ‘Twinky’ LEE) Supporting, male, 25-29 years old, 5”5- 5”9’, thin build, he is Candy’s very flamboyant and over-the-top GAY assistant, who is her number supporter; whether it’s at the office or getting the man of her dreams.

(QUINCY WARREN) Supporting, male, 24-27 years old, African American, 5”10’, stocky build, is the starting running back for the team, who is in his rookie season. A talented player, he becomes increasingly cocky due to his high paying endorsements, and the love the women have for him, which will eventually become and off-the-field nightmare for him.

Casting Location: Dallas, TX
Contact email: rlscasting@gmail.com

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