Detroit – Supporting Cast for Walter Dream of Jenna


Supporting Cast for Walter Dream of Jenna episode title Walter Returns to Work needed.

Needs two African American supporting cast to play Chad and Luanne in Walter Dream of Jenna episode storyline Walter Returns to Work.
Walter returns to work to the Bottle Warehouse after weeks off thanks to Jenna the genie whom he frees her from her bottle and promise not to come to his job at work at the warehouse and at school to.

Chad the delivery guy is tall african american male in his 20s-30s
Chad wears overalls and deliver bottles to the warehouse where Walter works at.

Luanne is plump overweight black female a receptionist and coworker to Walter at the Bottle warehouse.
Luanne is in her 20s-30s

meeting is on friday and saturday April 15-16
Friday at Wayne state campus at 2pm and Saturday at the Dougals Branch Library 3666 Grand River at 2pm both in Detroit.
you will get credit a tape and DVD if you are interested please call me Walter at 586 468 4726 or 586 464 7894.
the film shoot is in April 29-30 friday and saturday for episodes
Walter Returns to Work and The Color Contract
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