FOX Kitchen Nightmares

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The Gordon Ramsay show is back and seeking more restaurants for ‘Kitchen Nightmares’

  • Is your restaurant not performing like it should?
  • Are you looking to Revive your Restaurant?
  • Do you have a restaurant that may be in trouble?
  • Do you need help getting it back on track?
  • Do you want CHEF GORDON RAMSAY to come into your establishment to troubleshoot your problems?

Before you throw in the kitchen towel, call Gordon Ramsay to help you turn things around.

Apply today for FOX’s Kitchen Nightmares!

Does your restaurant need HELP? Are you trying to make some green but still running in the red? Do you and your chef have different ideas about the menu? Or maybe you have a great location, but are unable to bring in the customers?

FOX’s hit show “KITCHEN NIGHTMARES” wants to help you?

Email or Call for Information
Call: 1-866-226-2226

**Make sure to include:
Your name and contact info (including a phone number), name of your restaurant and your specialty, how many seats you have, and most importantly…Why you need our help!

If you are a Restaurant Owner fill out or download the application online

*Restaurants must have been open at least one year, offer dinner service,
and have at least 35 seats.

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