Gospel/Christian Mixtape


Gospel/Christian Mixtape
Casting notice posted on auditionsfree.com, casting location: ‘natioinwide’
3R Entertainment Group is seeking up and coming Gospel/Christian artists for a mixtape. We are taking advantage of an innovative approach to marketing and distributing independent Gospel/Christian music to create more exposure and greater opportunities for Gospel/Christian artist.

Gospel/Christian artist who have a few original songs this is for you. You can grow your brand faster and stronger through this method without incurring the overly expensive investment of trying to put an album together.

Each chosen artist will be allotted up to 3 slots on the mixtape. So send your best original and copyrighted song or songs. If you do not have any songs but want to be a part of this endeavor, 3R Entertainment can help you put together your original music so you can get your voice heard and start building a fan base. Please send a video or cd of a song you are singing and we will help you.

This is not a contest however we must review your music. Please include a picture and information about yourself. Music and artist must be marketable. We are looking forward to a July 4 release date. We have 20 slots to fill.

Send packages to:

3R Entertainment Group
8306 Wilshire Blvd #1724
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Our website is: http://www.3rentertianment.com

You can check out a recently released artist at http://www.myroque.com This is just a temporary page.

Casting Location: ‘natioinwide’
Contact email: rebekah@3rentertainment.com

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