HGTV now casting Homeowners

By | August 9, 2011

Are you a homeowner that has a renovation planned? Would you love to appear on HGTV and win some cash?

HGTV show Professional Grade has a challenge for you!
Think you can complete your renovations under budget? If so, you can win the difference between what you spent on your renovation and what the experts think that renovation would cost.

HGTV’s Matt Blashaw hosts Professional Grade and is seeking homeowners to take the challenge for a chance to win BIG CASH!

The goal for homeowners is to source high–end materials on the cheap, take on the bulk of the labor themselves and manage their subcontractors to get the best quality work at below market prices. When the renovation is done, our experts price out the job based on the quality. If their estimate is higher than what our homeowners spent, the homeowners pocket the cash difference. Our BIGGEST winner took home $40,000. This could be a great opportunity for someone who is gearing up to renovate a room in their home.

Auditions for Professional Grade are on for the fall. For an Application homeowners should email

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