Indianapolis Auditions for Play


The Centennial 2029 – Stage Play

15 African-American Cast Members for an Upcoming Stage Play. Ages – 5 through 65.

Auditon date(s)/times –
12 PM

5 PM

Madamme Walker Theatre
617 Indiana Ave.
Indianapolis, In. 46202

Items to bring: Resume or Portfolio

The Centennial 2029 takes place during the 2nd week in August, in the year 2029. Every year since 1929, the small town of Madison, WV comes to life as Smoots from all over the US return to the home of their fore-fathers for their an annual family reunion. And, this year will be extra special with it being the centennial celebration.

Papaw represents a 5th generation Smoot, and he is convinced that he also represent a troubling trend in the family. Growing up with annual trips to Madison, a strong since of family was instilled in him; something that he is very proud of. What he’s not proud of is the fact that he couldn’t keep his family together nearly 30 years ago. He understands that a strong family protects it’s offspring from the perils of a world that could be set up for their failure.

Scheduled to be the guest speaker at the 100th Annual Smoot Reunion, Papaw is determined to share his beliefs with his extended family. It won’t be like the typical address that may inspire, but doesn’t last longer than the trip home. Its intent will be to educate the family in a manner that will force them to think about their role in the Black community and more importantly who they are spiritually.

Papaw has spent the last 20 years in his grandmother’s old home in Madison, WV, which in a town of less than 3 thousand, means he’s spent those years in relative exclusion. Running from the ghost of his past, he has found it easier to deal with his depression in the controlled environment of his seclusion. However, too much time alone has had an adverse effect on his psyche.

More spiritual than religious, Papaw has spent countless hours not only reading, but researching the Word of God. In looking for a proper direction for his speech to his family, Papaw discovers an ironic similarity to the plight of the Black community, to that of nearly every down-trotted group in biblical history. Not just one or two stories, but nearly all of them.

Finally blessed to love and be loved again, the ghost of his past rears its ugly head again, this time in the form of cancer. After battling the disease for the past 3 years, Papaw has a life-threating surgery at hand. He is more concerned that his prognosis has him in the hospital all weekend long, which will preclude him from participating in this weekend’s celebration. With all that’s going on in his life, Papaw needs his family now, more than ever…

Pays talent
This project contains NO nudity
This project does not contain violence
This project does not contain strong language/profanity
This project does not contain sexual content

Casting Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
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