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Stardust, Hormone + Glitter

Location: Indiana

Type: Theater

Teenagers in a small Indiana town figure out who they are and what they want in their final year of high school. What happens when we meet people who bring out parts of us that we didn’t know where there. What happens when we run into something we really want? Should go for it or should we hold back just in case? And what will be the cost of it.

Brad –
Age Of Actor can range from : 18 to 25
Brad is the best dunker in his hometown and a major athlete. He has everything… a nice family with a great reputation a shot at a full ride… and a wonderful girlfriend who loves him only there’s one problem. Brad is very unhappy with his life. Despite his intimidating and domineering appearance he quite sensitive and soft. He is a protector and a lover of feminine people. Jake Ryan Type
(Role will require kissing another guy on stage)

Age of Actor can range from 18 to 25
– Luke has always been number two to his best friend and he hates that. This year he wants to change that.
(Role will require kissing another guy on stage)
Age of Actor can range from 18 to 25
– Jason is your typical small town american jock. He is not the greatest athlete or the most like and he is content with that. He is a romantic though he moves through out the world logically and practically.
(role will require kissing another guy on stage)

Age of Actor may range from 20 to 30
– Tyler is “common” or “run of the mill”. An average guy who has very average aspirations. He has fantasies about achieving the american dream. Stanley Kowalski type.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Indiana
Please submit to:
Send Headshots and Resume. (if you do not have headshots just send selfies and if you do not have a resume that is okay, it is just important that we see you)

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