Jeopardy Auditions


Tryouts for Jeapardy 2011

America’s Favorite quiz show is now searching for new contestants.

Do you want to be on Jeapordy? Here’s how!

Anyone wishing to appear on Jeapordy needs to take an online test.

There are 4 different tests.

Adult – 2/8

College – 3/15

Teen – 3/1

Kids – now closed

The tests will take place between February 8th and March 15th, depending on testing category. Before taking the test you must register to take it.

Jeopardy holds testing locally in Culver City, California throughout the year. All local audition spots are filled by applicants who have taken the Jeopardy! Online Test.

The four basic steps to qualify as a contestant are:

Qualify for an “in-person” audition by either passing the Online Test or attending another authorized Jeopardy! contestant event and passing the qualifying test.

If you pass the online or other qualifying test and are invited to an “in-person” audition, you will then take another 50 question written test. Your application will be judged based on your “in-person” test score as well as your other test score.

Everyone at the audition will play a short version of JEOPARDY! – Three at a time, just like on the actual show, complete with buzzers!

Participate in a brief personality interview.