Lifetime TV ‘America’s Supernanny’ Casting in Florida


America’s Supernanny Casting Call information – Be on the show!

Lifetime TV is casting for a new unscripted show called ‘America’s Supernanny’ – This is a spin-off of the popular ‘Supernanny’ show that features a British nanny. America’s Supernanny will have an American nanny that goes into family households and helps them whip their family and household into shape.

The show is now casting in the Southern Florida area

They’re coming to South Florida to look for kids and families for her to tame on the parenting series.

The American supernanny is Deborah Tillman, she will replace the original and British supernanny Jo Frost for the American version of the show. Casting directors will be looking for families in Florida and are expected to start interviewing families who would like to appear on the show very soon.

Casting Directors will begin casting families in Orlando and surrounding areas then they will move their family search nationwide and cast families from other parts of the United States.

To be considered for the show you must email the casting directors for more information. The show is being produced by Shed Media.

Unruly children – beware! And struggling parents – help is on the way! Meet the star of America’s Supernanny.

Childcare specialist Deborah Tillman is Lifetime’s choice to be the face of their new show, set to premiere Nov. 29 at 9 p.m. ET.

“Deborah’s life story is truly inspiring,” Nick Emmerson, the show’s producer said. “As America’s Supernanny, she is going to take on whatever parenting problems come her way.”

‘America’s Supernanny’ is looking for families that have at least 2 children that are school aged from preschool to teens and whose behavior may be a bit out of control or is in some kind of need from the expert, America’s Supernanny.

To apply please email the casting directors with a brief description of why your family needs the help and should be chosen to be on the show. Also include a recent photo of your family as well as your contact information.

You can email the above to:

If you have any questions or need more information there is a phone number you can call for the show – 323-904-4680 ext. 1177.

For those not in the South Florida area that would like to apply for the show there is a general contact for the casting department. Please send inquiries to: SUPERNANNY@SHEDMEDIAUS.COM or call: 877/NANNY-TIME

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  1. Cynthia Ferrera

    Hello Super nanny, we are the Ferrera family. My name is Cynthia Ferrera end my husband is Jason Ferrera. We have a nine-year-old daughter Boise, handful, we also have a seven-year-old who is starting to pick up some of her habits. We really could use your help Supernanny. She refuses to eat, refuses to go to bed on time, she refuses to clean up after herself. There’s about maybe 10 or 12 things my nine-year-old Emma Rose Ferrera will eat she refuses to try new things. Everything is a 0 and an argument. She does not like to brush her teeth and taking the shower is a chore. We need your help, sincerely, Cynthia and Jason Ferrera, a family from Hollywood Florida.


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