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Casting notice posted on auditionsfree.com, casting location: Los Angeles
JA Vocal Music is holding auditions for “Baby Off The Shelf.” All roles available.

“Baby Off The Shelf” is an exciting and challenging new musical which examines some of the big, moral, social and medical issues brought about by technological changes in genetic engineering. It has a highly original, fast moving story line which encompasses humour and heartbreak, delivered in a wide range of musical styles.

Cast List:

Telecast Voice Dramatic voice heard over the Public Address System

Maxwell Murdock
TV Presenter (Extrovert, slightly OTT, Canadian, balding or having close cropped hair)

Genevieve Lefevre
TV Presenter (Sophisticated, professional, French Canadian)

Dr Venetia Veiss
Director of the Institute of Life Sciences (Alluring yet slightly sinister)

Chairman Richard Jefferson-Hurst
Leader of the Northern Federation (Presidential, politically sensitive, American)

Commissioner Frank O’ Donovan
Federation Families Minister (Life and soul of the party, rotund, Irish)

Commissioner Lucretia Masarella
Federation Commissioner for Women’s Affairs (Effervescent, feminist, Italian)

Commissioner John Masters
Federation Commissioner for Science and Technology (Calm, authoritative, well spoken, English)

Commissioner Freida Fleischer
Federation Commissioner for Education (Traditional, headmistress stereotype, German)

Commissioner Krystiana Kowalski
Federation Commissioner for Health (Pragmatic, wears dark glasses, Polish)

Commissioner Cameron McMillan
Federation Finance Commissioner (Wears braces, cautious, carries calculator, Scottish)

Alistair Andrews
Personal Assistant to the Chairman of the Federation (Efficient, smartly dressed, carries a laptop computer.)

Super Model (Tall, leggy, wears a short dress and very high heels)

Footballer (Confident, cocky, vain)

Mathematics Professor (Intelligent, wears fashionable dark rimmed glasses)

Rock Singer (Poser, wears long coat and a fashionable hat)


Lieutenant Virgil Carpenter
Federation Armed Services Assistant to General Reynolds (Wears army uniform)

General John Reynolds
Federation Armed Forces Supreme Commander (Wears American style army uniform with many decorations)

Daughter of General Reynolds (Outgoing, vivacious, fun loving)

Air Marshall Anthony Morgan-Phillips
Federation Air Force Chief of Staff (Wears air force uniform with many decorations)

Admiral Christos Aristophanes
Federation Navy Chief of Staff (Wears navy uniform with many decorations)

Volunteer, husband of Amanda (Recently married)

Volunteer, wife of Mike (Recently married)

Volunteer (Ladies man, smooth talker)

T147F 2225
Female Spokesperson for the People of the New Era

S252M 2223
Male Spokesperson for the People of the New Era

Male Rejuve (Overweight, dressed in loud, over the top clothes)

Male Rejuve (Overweight, dressed in loud, over the top clothes)

Female Rejuve (Overweight, dressed in loud, over the top clothes)

Female Rejuve (Overweight, dressed in loud, over the top clothes)

Spokesperson for the Freewheelers (Wheelchair bound)

P101F 2194
Medical Spokesperson for the People of the New Era

All Auditions will be held on May 29th, June 1st and 2nd and are by appointment only.

Rehearsals will begin on June 7th and will be held on most Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturdays and Sundays. (Rehearsals held in Canoga Park)
Performances on July 22nd, 23rd and 24th in North Hollywood (More performances may be added if necessary.)

There is no pay. This is a community theater style show. Good resume builder.

Call or e-mail to schedule audition appointment.


Casting Location: Los Angeles
Contact email: jeanette@javocalmusic.com

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