MTV Casting Documentary “Election 2012”


MTV is looking for young people with interesting political views for a documentary called “Election 2012”. MTV is searching nationwide and will be shooting nationwide.

MTV is casting young people for a documentary piece reflecting the feelings of millennials toward Election 2012. Shooting between November 28th and December 11th nationwide. If you are interested in being involved and are 18 years or older we would love to hear from you. Please email and put “Election 2012” in the subject line along with the following information:

Please note that these questions are meant to ensure that participants represent very diverse interests and political views.
18+? Y/N:
Phone Number:
In school? What school? Working? What job?
What issues, if any, are you interested in or passionate about? (e.g. Jobs, Health Care, Education, Immigration, etc.)
How would you describe your views on Election 2012 in one sentence?

*Please attach a current picture of yourself.

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