MTV True Life Tryouts


Are you constantly worried about what you can eat and what’s in your food? Are you obsessed with eating healthy food and think most foods are dangerous to your health? Are you afraid to eat food that isn’t raw, organic, unprocessed or local? Or maybe you read food labels obsessively and avoid foods with fats, preservatives, additives and animal products. Has this compulsion led you to shed weight, feel weak and suffer panic attacks or severe anxiety? Are you isolating yourself from friends and family to hide your obsession?

If you’ve taken a healthy diet to an extreme and it’s now compromising your well being you may be suffering from an eating disorder called “Orthorexia Nervosa.”” If you appear to be between the ages of 16 and 24, and feel you may be Orthorexic email us at and tell us your story. Please include your name, location, phone number and a recent photo of yourself.

One thought on “MTV True Life Tryouts

  1. lisa weller

    Hi, I have an obsession with checking every date on any product I buy from the store. Whether it be pop, chips, or even junk food if its not at least good for two weeks I will not buy it. Grocery shopping can at least take me at least two hours at minimum. I wil not buy sea food or even try fish. I freak out by the smell and the texture. This is weird but i fish all the time, however, I can’t see it in a grocery store because it freaks me out. When I’m swimming in rivers or on the lake even in the ocean when I think about the fish that’s in there swimming around, I get panic attacks and someone has to come get me. For that reason I will not go swim in open waters. I’ve been like this for years now and I know i can never be a relaxed person when i go to the store. If the product doesn’t have a date on it I will more than likely not buy it.


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