MTVU Casting Call – MTV Tryouts


MtvU is casting for different episodes of mtvU

What we really need
Times are hard, school is tough, mom’s giving you grief, you are in your 5th year and unemployment is only getting worse. Feeling stressed? Tell us about it. mtvU is looking for students that want to vent their biggest frustrations, concerns and/or disappointments with the world we all live in. (e.g. #Occupy, tuition hikes, political frustrations, lack of employment opportunities).

Email us at with your name, phone number, college or university, and photos of yourself. Tell us what you think we really need to help get back on track. Be sure to include “mtvU What We Really Need” in the subject line.

Student Lifeskills

Are you a college student with a unique skill(s) to make life a little easier? Have you always wanted to coin that skill and let everyone know it’s yours? Tell us about it and you may be featured on mtvU. Maybe you have your own recipe to doctor up Top Ramen, how to make quick hangover cures, computer and gaming wizard, beauty and style tips, or know the best ways to stay up for an all-nighter. It doesn’t matter what it is, if you think you have crucial college life skill and want to share it with millions of other college students, then we want to hear about it.

Email us at with your name, phone number, college or university, photos of yourself and, of course, your skill. Be sure to include “mtvU Student Lifeskills” in the subject line.

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