New TV series audition for pilot to be filmed in Charleston, SC


Casting notice posted on, casting location: Charleston, SC
Please go over the character breakdowns and use your best judgement on whether you will be a good fit for the role you would like to audition for…

Television Pilot:

Audition this Thursday, December 15th, 12 – 4 Art Institute bldg, beside the Aquarium, 360 Concord St. 12-4.
The parts we are hoping to cast are those of the grandfather, grandmother, (65-70ish), mother and father (45-50ish), teen daughter (16ish) and Trip’s girlfriend (25ish). Thank you.

We are hoping to get people who are willing to work gratis for the opportunity to take part in a project that will be seen by many big-time producers and television execs – they could get picked to do part in actual series when it goes into production. Also, there will be a workshop for the actors with Enrico Colentoni (Flashpoint, Just Shoot Me + many other television and movie roles. Big time actor, producer, director, writer and great guy.
The filming will take place on Johns Island in the latter third of January and take approximately 4 days.

Casting Location: Charleston, SC
Contact email:

2 thoughts on “New TV series audition for pilot to be filmed in Charleston, SC

  1. Jake Toomer

    I’m a African American 14 year old. I’m an actor, dancer and kind of a singer. I know how the world likes to see a young face on the tv and I think I can fill that role.

  2. Posetta

    I’m 22 years of age African American female. Just a finished being an extra on Army Wives.Ever Since I was in Elementary I Would Study Monologues. I Love Acting!


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