Now Casting first 6 Characters for “Justice”


Now Casting first 6 Characters for “Justice”
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Los Angeles
Actors Breakdown Network is currently accepting video auditions for the first 6 characters for our film project “Justice”

Our story begins with Mr. Frank Kovac, a prominent surgeon asking his wife, Lynn Kovac a professor of Law to arrange for a Babysitter so the couple could celebrate their 10th anniversary with dinner at their favorite restaurant. The Babysitter, running late called and said she was on her way so the …..

Laura Kovac (At 9 years old)
FeMales, Age From: 8 To 10 Years
She is a very playful little girl, comes from a very loving family. On the night of the tragedy she becomes quiet and disturbed. Her eyes will tell the horror she seen.
Kory (at 13 years old)
Males, Age From: 12 To 14 Years
Loves heavy metal, skateboards and doing very dangerous tricks, a daredevil with no regard for people’s safety. His favorite rock group is Slip knot and Guns & Roses.
Mr. Kovac
Males, Age From: 45 To 55 Years
A man who abides by all rules in life. A loving husband, A loving parent. Mr. Kovac is a prominent surgeon. Education: Boston College graduate, Medical school: U.C.L.A. With his quick thinking he has saved a lot of lives on the operating table. His technique has been taught to upcoming medical students. He is a very well respected man in the medical community.
Mrs. Kovac
FeMales, Age From: 45 To 55 Years
A very pretty middle age Professional Woman. She has an eye for detail, is a loving wife, loving parent, has traveled on missions to other countries to help save starving kids. Now a professor at a major University teaching psychology.
Males, Age From: 21 To 24 Years
Chris is the leader of a band who is about to be signed to a major record label. Chris is a hyper young man, hates that he has to take a job waiting on people. He comes from a family who are still together but really don’t pay attention to Chris or each other. Chris enjoys playing violent games on his X-box. He is well spoken outside but, inside is a ticking time bomb that’s about to go off.
Restaurant Owner
Males, Age From: 25 To 29 Years
Josh is a very pissed off man. he once was a great athlete but during a hockey game he got in a fight which left him with a back injury when a skater fell on him blade first. The injury will keep him from playing professional hockey. All he has left is working in this restaurant hoping to open his very own some day.

Casting Location: Los Angeles
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